Our family is an incest family. For generations, it is our way of life. Thinking back through my GILF Incest Memories brings me warm feelings. Remembering that first time with Grandpa and how much fun it was and still is with my family.

He was a great grandpa, always taking me along to the feed store or tractor store. I felt special whenever I was with him. Of course, I am a loving grandma with all of my grandkids. They are my angels and love all the special fun we are having together.

They know they are more advanced than their friends and they love it. My ex-husband doesn’t share in the fun with me, but he does still spend that special time with the grandkids too. And, I love sharing these special times during my GILF Phone Sex too!

All of my GILF incest memories are so special

Old and new ones we are making today. The fondness I have with my grandpa, our grandkids have with us today. He was fun, funny, and wonderful. My family is all about loving interactions. I am too but this granny likes to take it to the dark side with my callers.

Furthermore, like a Dirty GILF Accomplice, we go down a nasty rabbit hole together! I find it interesting to take a ride on the wild side now and then. Helping my naughtiest of callers experience their deep dark fantasies. We are in tune and doing raunchy things to pretty things.

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My grandpa is not that way as we start playing together. He is kind and caring, slowly showing me how much fun sexual activity is. On this day my parents had stuff to do so I am at my grandparent’s.

My grandmother was running errands so it is just Grandpa and me at their house. My Brother is with friends and my sister is a baby, my parents have her with them. Grandpa is finished with chores with his livestock and needs a shower.

He is telling me to wait while he is getting a shower, giving me some craft stuff for my entertainment. As he is showering, I am playing with the Kaleidoscope that belongs to my dad and his siblings. That brings fond GILF incest memories from that day.

Of course, I am young and easily sidetracked when on my own.

I am playing with the paper dolls and their many outfits. Then, I find myself in Grandma’s pictures, looking at my dad and the rest of the family when they are younger. Of course, there are some of us now too in her collection.

Then, I see a picture of my family and I have a question for Grandpa. I head to the bathroom, hearing the shower is stopped, I walk right in. As I am walking in, Grandpa is pushing the shower curtain back. He is dripping wet, also surprised to see me walking through the door. I am in awe of his strong body.

Additionally, I am finding myself curious about that thing between his legs. I am staring at his penis as he is watching me stare at it. Soon, he is getting hard. As I start asking questions, he says, “Let me get out of the shower and explain it all.” And soon, new GILF incest memories are made.

As he’s drying off, I continue to watch and wait.

He is naked as we go into their bedroom. Sitting down on the bed, he is putting me on his leg. Now, this is a penis. The reason it looks so different is you have a vagina. Oh, this is interesting. Why are they different. He is explaining a minimal amount about making babies, then switching to showing me a fun new game.

He is taking my small, young hands and wrapping them around his rock-hard cock. Oh, that feels good. Soon, I am moving them up and down on his dick as he is moaning. The fact that I am making him happy is amazing for my young mind and I keep ongoing.

From there, it is the best GILF phone sex incest memory ever. Now, if you want to know the rest, you have to call for those details.