Secret office affair

Being a MILF with a secret is tough work, but someone has to do it. So, why not me? I didn’t start working here with the intention of having a secret office affair with the most powerful man at the company, but such is life, I guess.

My sex life at home was boring as fuck: missionary every Tuesday, doggy every Thursday. No kinks of fetishes welcome. Why not just buy a Ferarri and put it on blocks?  But as our first decade of marriage drew to a close, I’d grown used to the disappointment.

I had a respected husband, a little job of my own, and two beautiful children, so I accepted it. Until I met you. People always assume that the CEO is the most powerful person in the company. They’re idiots. Anyone with two brain cells knows it’s IT that holds the real power. With a few strokes of the keyboard, they could bring the whole thing to a halt.

So, when the CTO started coming to me for mundane tasks, I found myself with panties just a little bit wetter than before. Of course, every flirtation has its tipping point, so let me share mine.


I came into your office hoping to discuss the new feedback section you were adding to the webpage. When I walked in and you were a mess, well, to say I was aroused would be an understatement. Your disheveled hair, loosened tie, and tired expression said it all: someone had fucked up. I put my issue on the back burner and asked what was wrong. I chuckled internally as you got lost in your frantic rundown of the situation.

Your pacing was starting to stress me out though. I closed the door, locked it, and kept listening. You hadn’t even looked at me, which was a shame. As you told me more and more about the epic fuck up, I got closer, my heels clicking on the floor as I approached. With one last step, I invaded your space. My hand was groping you through your pants as your sentence trailed off. You hadn’t even seen me coming.

“Don’t. Move. Don’t talk. You’re stressing me out, boss. How can I possibly be an efficient secretary if I can’t think straight? Shhh, that was rhetorical. I already know the answer.”

Blowing off some steam

“We both know there’s nothing you can do about it tonight. And now that my hand has had a moment to get acquainted with your cock, we both know you’re fucking horny. If my husband ever finds out about this, by the way, I definitely want it to be an anal sex story.

“Don’t look so shocked. You know who my husband is, so you know we both need this secret office affair. Whether you want to admit it or not, I’m exactly what you need right now. Just consider it our secret office affair. Now, be a good boy, and show me what you want.”

You were so obedient. Without a word, you unzipped your pants and guided me to my knees. There was a look of tender appreciation on your face…as if I was making some noble sacrifice by helping you release some tension. But this wasn’t altruism. This was a selfish exploitation. A distracted man is always easier to tempt into compliance, regardless of morals.

And getting a blowjob from your preacher’s wife was definitely a moral no-no. I opened my mouth as you pushed your big dick past my lips. It felt so wrong, yet my panties flooded with juice as I channeled every ounce of sexual frustration I had into sucking you. My lips into your groin as I thought of my husband standing behind his pulpit. It felt so liberating. Like indulging in fetish phone sex.


The deeper I sucked you, the more spit dribbled down my throat, edging closer and closer to my shirt. I hadn’t intended for our secret office affair to turn sloppy, so I pulled it over my head and removed my bra before sucking your balls into my mouth. They were so tight and heavy, that I worried the fun would end before I got to cum. So I released your balls and stood up.

I backed up onto your desk, pulling my panties off as I slid up onto the cool wood. The growl that tore out of your throat as I spread my legs had me tingling. It was a noise I hadn’t heard in this context since I was 18, and apparently, I had a fetish for it. Feeling a tongue on my pussy for the first time in a year, though…now that was a sensation I couldn’t begin to prepare for.

The first orgasm hit me in seconds, bringing my nipples to painful little peaks. The clash of pleasure and discomfort was so delicious. I felt like electricity was running through every cell of my body. My hands clenched your hair, demanding more. I tried so hard to stay quiet so I could listen to your moans of pleasure too. It was hard, though. All I wanted to do was moan and writhe but the louder you got, the more my pussy juice dripped…


Teen Phone Sex