Secret Lesbian Sex Lovers: Final Destination of my Sexual Awakening

It was time to head off to Barbados on the final destination of my sexual awakening summer. Heading off on this last adventure, I didn’t want to go alone. Instantly I knew! I called Breezy to join me for one last romantic affair. The secret lesbian sex lovers weekend would be the perfect way to end my journey.

My assistant made all of the arrangements and called Breezy as I was boarding the plane.

Of course, my husband’s black card would be taking care of everything. I knew this last stop would be different, and I wanted it that way. I missed Breezy most out of anyone back home. Especially the way her ass bounced as she walked. I missed the way her tight little cunt tasted, and I very much missed that thing she does with her tongue when she is deep inside my pussy.

Maybe we could even try something new, Breezy is always down for more pleasure. One of the many things that makes us such amazing secret lesbian sex lovers.

It was going to be a long sexy weekend and I wanted all of my energy for her. We landed in Barbados and it was as beautiful as I anticipated. The culture was strong, the beaches were beautiful, and the people were more than hospitable. Breezy and I were going to have an unforgettable secret lesbian sex lovers weekend together, I could already feel my nerves starting. Before checking into the hotel I made my way to a little boutique to pick up matching swimsuits for us, tiny thong bikinis. I wanted to see as much of her body as I possibly could, at all times.

Maybe we could even pick out a big dick on the beach, she needs a good cum guzzling fuck.

I made my way to the hotel and began to get things ready. As I had requested from the staff, a bottle of Patron, half an ounce of the finest Mary Jane in Barbados and I even picked up some inexpensive sex toys we could throw away after our weekend. As I finished, I lit a blunt and sat on the balcony. Staring at the sunset, it felt almost unreal. Just then  I heard a light knocking at the door, I felt butterflies in my stomach. I opened the door and there she was looking as beautiful and majestic as ever. her golden brown hair draped over her shoulders, her tight dress hugging every curve of her body.

Breezy looked good enough to eat and that’s just what I was going to do.

There was no stopping ourselves, absolutely no secret lesbian sex lovers at that moment it was life. I grabbed her by her hand, drug her into the room and threw her up against the wall. Sliding my tongue into her mouth, knowing my pussy started to drip. I missed her, and I could tell she missed me too. I lead her to the bed and we fell on it, climbing on each other. Breezy’s breasts popped out of her dress, I stared in awe at her body.

I leaned in and began kissing down her neck, her breasts, her smooth tight stomach and all the way down her thighs.

As I lifted her dress to take her panties off, I noticed she wasn’t wearing any. Another perfect reason why we are secret lesbian sex lovers. I looked into Breezy’s eyes and she gave me an evil little grin. Suddenly Breezy grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face into her pussy. It was already dripping wet for me; I slid my tongue into her dripping cunt. She began to squirm under my weight. As she wrapped her legs around my head keeping my face there, I knew this was exactly what I needed.

I slid my hands up her body and grab her big bouncing titties and she began to grind her wet pussy on my face.

Breezy dropped her legs from around my head and sat up, complimenting me on a few new tricks I had learned. She yanked me by my hair and bent me over the bed. I already knew where this was going, and I’ve been waiting for it. Breezy lifted my dress up, spreads my ass and slid her tongue in and out of my tight little asshole. I’ve missed that, what she can do with her tongue. As she licked my ass, she slid her fingers into my wet pussy all I could do was arch my back and push my ass back into her face.

While Breezy was eating my ass all I could do was reach back and push her face even deeper as she spread my asshole apart even further with her tongue.

I grabbed her by her hair pulling her face out of my ass and slid my tongue into her mouth. We made our way back to the bed where I pulled out the new toys I found. The first one Breezy grabbed was the 3-foot double-ended dildo. Her pussy was so wet, sliding it into her tight throbbing cunt was easy. Breezy moaned loudly as I fucked her tight little cunt faster and faster.

She yelled at me to turn around as she took over the fucking.

The long hard dildo felt cold as it entered my steaming wet pussy, and sent chills up my spine. There wasn’t much time though as Breezy began to grind our asses against each other. I could feel the dildo hitting just the right spots as I rubbed my clit faster and faster. My legs started to shake as we pounded each other harder. We both began to climax at the same time, so hard that we pushed the dildo out of each other’s hot dripping wet holes.

Falling back on the bed in exhaustion we giggled for what seemed forever, still using our fingers to play with each other’s bodies.

Finally, I leaned up and wiped the cum from her pussy. I looked at Breezy and licked my fingers. Most importantly she squirmed one last time and rolled me over to kiss me. This didn’t feel real, were we really secret lesbian sex lovers? I joked we were going to spoil our dinner because we had dessert first.

This being my last stop on my summer away, I needed it to be memorable. Of course, Breezy didn’t disappoint.

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