Exotic Lesbian Latina: Cock is never enough to quench my thirst

I was more than excited to continue my sexcapade through the Caribbean, here I cum. I boarded the small plane and to my disappointment once again Caesar was not my pilot, I was craving his giant cock and getting throated again at 30,000 feet, dreaming of an exotic lesbian Latina.

It looked like I would be taking care of myself, Cuba here I cum.

I had reserved myself the top floor of a cute little Cuban villa. It overlooked the ocean complete with servants, alcohol and hopefully a few beautiful women. As much as I craved being manhandled and throat fucked I missed the soft sensual touch of a woman. Their supple soft breasts, the quiet moan when you touch just the right spot. There will never be a replacement for a big hard cock in my tight pussy.

However, kissing my way down an exotic lesbian Latina body, to her beautiful pink dripping cunt comes in at a very close second.

I gathered my bags from the carousel, and the limo I reserved was waiting to take me to the compound. It was a short scenic ride to the other side of the island. As I pulled up to the villa I was greeted by the servants working the grounds. There were some beautiful men and women working here, and then I saw her. Her name was Bella. She was one of the head servants of the villa and the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. When the sun hit her caramel skin it showed the glow of a Greek goddess.

I could tell behind the baggy clothing they had her wear she was hiding something spectacular.

The house servants gathered my belongings and took them to my room, I made eye contact with Bella and summoned her over to me. Her long dark hair waving in the wind, I could feel my pussy dripping even before we touched each other. I knew I needed to have her but when and where would be the best place? As we made our way to my room, Bella informed me that there was a Gala this evening and all guests and servants were invited.

Apparently, the owners of the villa hired an entirely different crew to help with the party.

She told me she would be there, and she was looking forward to seeing me in a more intimate setting. I knew that would be my time to seduce this exotic lesbian Latina and make her mine, even if it was just for the weekend. Deciding to make myself comfortable in my room, I began to get myself ready for the evening. I needed something that would catch the attention of not just the other guests, but Bella herself.

I called in the on-site tailor and explained to them what I was imagining.

Something very low cut in the chest region, with a very high slit down below. Finally, it must include an elegant train in the back. The seamstress knew exactly what I wanted, she took my measurements and sprinted off to her work area. I decided to draw out a hot bath as I waited, I couldn’t get Bella out of my head. Thankfully it wasn’t much longer and the seamstress was back!

The evening was upon us, and the dress they had picked out for me was elegant but slutty.

I had hoped it was enough to entice Bella into my room later that evening. I made my way down to the party and started to enjoy myself, champagne, hors d’oeuvres, and then I saw her. Bella was wearing a white dress that complemented her sexy caramel skin perfectly and her hair in braids. I made my way over to her, handing her a glass of champagne and leaning in for a hug.

As I leaned in, she slid her hand up the slit of my dress and ran her fingers across my cunt.

I knew it wouldn’t be long before this exotic lesbian Latina was in my bed and I was inside her tightest of places. We enjoyed the evening a little longer. As I drank more and more, my feelings got stronger and stronger. I needed her, and I needed her now. Before I could make my move, she already had her fingers deep inside my pussy. Bella began kissing on my neck and everything faded away.

She pushed her fingers deeper and deeper inside me, I had completely forgotten that we were still at the party.

I slid her fingers out of me pushed her down and lifted her dress up to see a perfectly shaved pink pussy dripping with cum. I slid my hands up to her supple breasts as I slid my tongue in and out of her dripping pussy, all while the crowd around us grew larger and larger. We were now both naked in front of about 70 people. I didn’t care at this point, I needed her pussy I needed to taste it.

She pushed me down onto the ground straddled my face like the true exotic lesbian Latina she was.

Bella began to grind as she was sliding her tongue into my pussy and a finger into my ass. This is exactly what I needed, a woman’s touch. I spread her ass apart and buried my face into it. Bella moaned as I slid my tongue in and out of her tight little asshole. Feeling her squirm hard, made me want to squirm too. She sucked on my clit so hard I think I stopped breathing, I look around at all the guests. The men were stroking their big hard cocks over us and the women were fingering themselves as Bella took care of my every need. She flipped herself around and slid her tongue into my mouth. The making out was raw and real.

Just as I started to catch my breath, she slid a finger into my pussy and one into my asshole, fingering me harder and faster than ever before.

I could see everyone was near climax which makes me climax harder than I’d ever cum before. Bella put her face down by my pussy just as I started to squirt. She got a huge cum shot from my pussy directly to her face. She lifts her head up and smiles at me. Just as Bella brought her pussy back to my face I could hear everyone around us climax. The women are catching cum in their mouths and Bella smiles at me and squirts all over my face as some sort of reward.

She falls onto me and we both lay there, in the middle of the crowd recovering from our climax.

Bella runs her fingers through my hair, feeds me another glass of champagne. She helps me up off the ground, as we’re both handed robes. This exotic lesbian Latina took my hand and led me back up to my room to finish off the evening. Just as I close the door she pushes her face into my ass, sliding her tongue into my asshole. The rest of the evening went just like that, trading orgasm for orgasm until morning.

I never want to leave this place but there are a few more destinations waiting for me, and my summer of sex isn’t quite over.

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