So now that you know my secret fantasy, you probably want to know how it ends. Well…

I drag my feet as he pushes me outside, the bright moonlight allows me to see the buildings and the houses clearly. I know exactly where we are. We are at the abandoned side of town that’s never even busy during the afternoon hours. I gingerly step over pebbles and sticks as he leads me down the gravel road, my ass crying out for the plug to be removed, but my hands still bound and unable to do anything about it. Before long, we are at a condemned home with boards on the windows. He picks me up and throws me over his shoulder, carrying me up the stairs and into the house. Jesus Christ, his arms are strong. Inside, he sets me down in what I can only assume was a bedroom. The plug is still deep in my ass, and I groan as he wiggles it.

“You want to get out of here, don’t you sweetheart?”

“Of course I do.”

“Then I have one more job for your tight little holes. If you do well, you can go. I’ll even give you your clothes back.” He smiles. “Valerie!” A tall brunette walks into the room wearing an impressive strap-on. He pulls the plug out of my ass suddenly and I gasp. “You’re going to fuck my sister, Valerie, right here. Deep in your ass. And if you do it well enough, I might be persuaded to let you leave.” I want to resist, but more than I wanted to tell him to fuck off, I want my ass to be filled again. I want to be fucked by Valerie’s huge strap-on cock. I want her to gape me wide open. He has captured me and brought me here against my will…and I want to stay. I can feel his cum from earlier leaking out of me, running down my leg. God, I want him to fill me again. But it is Valerie, not her brother, who walks over and kisses me. She unties me, and he sinks into a chair in the corner, cock in hand, and watches me hungrily kiss her back. I have never been with a woman like this before…but as I look at him stroking his cock while staring at our naked bodies, and I just want to make him happy.

She tries to take things slow, but before long, I have her on her back and am sinking onto her cock. It is deep in my ass, and I groan, still sore from earlier. “You’ll have to do better than that, sweetheart. Or I’m going to keep you here until you get it right.” I looked deep into his eyes, the man I was trying so hard to hate, and lick my lips as I ride Valerie’s cock. My tits bounce, and I moan, grabbing them with both hands, and licking them. The salty remnants of his cum hit my lips and  I begin to breath heavily as I fuck my own ass. Valerie disappears from my mind, and it is just him and me. His eyes are locked with mine. “That’s right, whore. Get it.” I bounce harder, moving my hips in time with her thrusts into me, and cry out with an orgasm. He stands and walks over to us, taking my face in his hands and kissing me hard. “You’re so fucking hot.” I cry out and cum again, squirting as he pinches both nipples and her cock is filling my ass. “Fuck me, please fuck me,” I cry.

He throws me on on top of him so his dick is in my pussy, and Valerie takes the strap on off and sits on his face. I gasp as he thrust into me, fucking me hard as I watch him eat his sister out.After a bit, we all cum extremely hard. He holds me tight as his cum fills my pussy and I moan with pleasure as I watch her pussy juices gush o his face. Our bodies are all intertwined, and we collapse on the bed. We fall asleep like that, all in one another’s arms.


I awake a few hours later when he stirs. He nuzzles my hair and kisses my head, both of us still half-asleep. Valerie is gone. “We really need to do this more often.”

“What if someone finds out?”

He smiles that boyish grin that I love so much. “Then they can be jealous. And I’m sure I can get Valerie to play again.”

“I’ll probably be walking all alone again next Friday night,” I say, curling closer to him.

He stretches and put his arms around me. “It’s a date, my dirty cum dumpster.”