Secret Cousin Sex at Our Five-Year Family Reunion

Secret cousin sex – it’s no secret I’ve always been a HUGE fan of family sex stories! I mean come on, incest is best, or so the quote goes. I learned that quickly at the last family reunion. So many people, and most of them I didn’t even remember. I guess I played with them as a child, but that was a few years ago. What I did notice was the so many people were hugging, and grabbing asses at the same time.

Was there some secret cousin sex going on here that I didn’t know about?

I thought about asking my parents, but then I noticed them doing the same thing. They were sharing lingering kisses on the lips of Aunts and Uncles, and even my Grandfather was playing a little pocket pool. He always had the habit of jiggling his keys. But this was different. He was hard, and others were whispering about him.

I wore a cute new outfit for the party. Micro mini shorts, a skin-tight t-shirt with no bra, and of course, no panties. I wanted my family to see the real me for the very first time. All they knew was the perfect girl who never gave them a moment of problems.

If they only knew how many cocks I sucked to keep those grades up! And let’s not forget how many football players got pre-game sex with me!

I think they would be shocked but excited at the same time. Well, maybe not my father, but my mother would be jealous! So anyways, I had just grabbed a beer from one of the coolers when my favorite cousin pinned me against the table in a hug.

There was nothing unusual there, but wow, his cock was rock hard. I could feel ever inch as it pressed against my thigh through his swim trunks. I’d always noticed that he had a massive dick, but it’d been until now that I was feeling just how large he was.

He grabbed my beer, opening it and chugging every single drop, then squeezed my ass.

He smirked. “Come down to the docks for a swim. Everyone is down there, and you’ll have a much better time than up here with the old people.”

He winked at me, nodding to the water. I admit I’ve always had a crush on him. He was even my first kiss. A slumber party dare made me kiss him, and that was the first time my pussy got wet.

I just never thought we’d end up having secret cousin sex.

I grabbed a twelve-pack of beer and followed my cousin down to the water’s edge. I gasped the moment I did. They were all having secret cousin sex!

My family reunion was an incest fuck fest. There were naked people everywhere. My cousin Bob was getting a blowjob from his sister. Another cousin bent over a table and taking a cock in her ass. Wow, this is where the real party was! Sex outdoors is hot, but this was pretty much a voyeurs dream party.

This wasn’t just about secret cousin sex; it was basically an orgy of family members dipping into the family jewels.

The moment we arrived at the lake, my hot cousin pulled my clothing off of my body, pushing me across a table and ate my ass from behind. That was the first time anyone and given my asshole oral sex. I no longer cared who watched, and reached around, grabbing his hair, and wiggling my tight little backdoor right against his tongue. Grabbing my hips from behind, his tongue darted from my backdoor to my front door. He had cunt juices running down my legs.

Oh my god, I was having secret cousin sex along with everyone else!

One of my female cousins watched, but not for long. She placed her tight young body on the table in front of us, spreading her legs wide. I watched as a huge cum bubble poured out of her cunt, licking it up the moment it did. I ate her cream pie. I should say that I completely devoured my cousin’s cream-filled honey hole. As I said, incest is best, but nothing trumps secret cousin sex! I’m a firm believer that the best sex you’ll ever get is at home. Or, like in this case, it’s at the family reunion at the lake.

Our secret cousin sex escapades were far from over…

My male cousin stood and pushed the entire length of his massive prick into my dripping pussy, fucking me bareback until he exploded deep inside of my wet walls. The female on the table squirted all over my face, making me look like the family bukkake whore. By the end of the weekend, I had so much cum inside and on me that I could have made a porn star jealous. Gosh, I certainly LOVE family reunions!

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