Family Sex Stories: How Daddy Fucked His Little Girl

Family Sex Stories: Daddy and I have always been really, really close. I’ve always loved playing on his lap. I especially liked how when he made me bounce up and down. It made me giggle to feel his winky tinky get harder & harder. Then he’d tell me he had some things to do, go upstairs with Mommy and close the door.

One day he took me on his lap and we played our bouncing game as I sucked on a lollipop. Then I felt his wee wee get hard all the way through my little skirt! Daddy had unzipped his pants! He said that one day I’d grow up, and  I needed to learn about family sex stories and all types of other things.

I giggled some more as Daddy put my hand over his big weenie peanie. “Can you stroke it for me, Princess?”

“Ok Daddy.” I pretended I was petting a kitty cat until he told me to squeeze it tighter.

I squeezed harder. “Like this, Daddy?”

“You’re such a good little girl,” he said. He began caressing my nippies under my Frozen t-shirt. “Do you like how this feels?”

I continued squeezing and grabbing his wee wee. “Yes Daddy!”

Then I felt his hand reach into my white panties and start tickling my muffin! It felt sooooo good…

Daddy also looked like he liked it. There was some weird sticky stuff on my hand now.

“Why don’t you lick that, Princess?”

I stuck my fingers in my mouth. Yummy! “Daddy, it tastes just like pudding!”

“It does, doesn’t it, Princess?”

“Can I get more?”

Daddy smiled and told me to take off my white panties. “How about I fill up your little muffin and then you taste it?”

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