There’s Nothing Wrong With A Little Cheating


I am a MILF slut and there’s nothing my husband can do about it. I get a thrill from all the random hookups I have. My pussy gets soaking wet just thinking about all the men I have satisfied as a married woman. My go to ways to meet someone are always apps. They’re easy to use and just like pizza, I can have dick delivered to my door in 30 minutes or less. I also think they love the fact they’re fucking a married woman. I am always very honest with everyone I fuck. Never did I think my secret cheating hookups would lead me very close to home. Though, I didn’t mind it one bit.

It started the same way. I browsed the app a few times before finding someone that matched what I was looking. This man was so hot. He was younger but I didn’t mind. And the picture he sent me of his dick left me speechless. His girthy cock was veiny. The head of of it glistened with precum in the picture he sent. I needed to have him. How could I stare at such perfect fat cock and now have it inside me?

Something about him seemed familiar though. I just didn’t know what it was. What could be it? It wasn’t until he finally sent me a full body pic when I realized something. Oh uh! My secret cheating hookups have caught up to me. My stepson and me had been sexting for almost a week now. I couldn’t believe what he has been hiding from me all this time. The night I found out I couldn’t sleep. As I lay with my husband in bed I played with my MILF cunt thinking of my stepson’s cock.

Confessing My Secret Cheating Hookups

The next night I couldn’t contain myself. No way I could go on one more night knowing I had that dick sleeping in the next bedroom and I wouldn’t just walk in there and do something about it. So I decided to tell him. Once my husband was asleep I walked over to his room. My stepson was still awake. I came clean almost immediately and before he could say anything I slipped out of my sleeping gown. I wasn’t going to give him time to think about it. My stepson lounged at me like a feral animal.

We made out as he played with my cunt. His fingers felt so good inside me but all I was thinking about was his fat cock. I begged but my stepson made me wait. He sucked on my tits as if milk came out of them. Kissed down my stomach and ate my pussy. When he made me cum he slipped his hard cock in me and made me beg for him to go deeper. Of course I did. I loved having my stepson’s cock in me as his dad slept away. We fucked until he jizzed inside me. I walked to my bedroom and slept dripping.

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