I’ve Got Some Secrets To Share With You


I’m sure you’ve heard other blonde cheating wife confessions but I’ve gone over board. This past week has absolutely wrecked my MILF pussy and I’ve got to tell you. I know you’re my husband and I should try to hide these type of things from you but I can’t help myself. My clit throbs as I remember how much of a slut I am. And it all starts at the gas station.

On Monday, I had Josh come over our place. Josh is younger than me, baby. His cock isn’t the biggest butt what he lacks in length, he makes up in girth. His thick cock measure 7 inches around. It’s thick through and through from the head to the base. Josh had never been with someone older. I showed just how good MILF pussy is. Josh ate me out until I came. Then, while on our bed, he climbed on top me and pushed his thick cock inside me. Josh stretched me out so fucking good. I creamed on his fat dick over and over. Josh came in my mouth and made out with me right after.

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On Tuesday, I had Max. Max and me met over at a dingy motel room on his side of town. Max is by far the best fuck I’ve had. He is tattooed, and I loved feeling his big hands all over me. His cock in perfect and the way he fucks makes him that too. Max stopped by before going to work. He wasn’t into foreplay. Which was fine by me. Max loved hard fucking. He wanted to be on top of me, pounding me hard until he was ready to fill me up. I loved when he did it too. I fantasy about Max’s’ cum and on Tuesday I got my treat. After fucking my brains out he came in my pussy. Sorry, baby, but there’s still more.

On Wednesday I decided to invite someone new. I met Greg on a hookup app. Greg showed up rock hard and ready to bend me over. But I wanted him to tease him. Greg and me immediately went to my bedroom. We kissed passionately. Greg made me so wet even before he touched my panties were soaked. Greg slid his hand in my leggings and started playing with my pussy. His thick fingers felt so good in me baby, better than yours! Soon after that I begged him to fuck me.

Third Time Is The Charm

Greg wanted to fuck my mouth first. He put me on my knees and made me gag and choke on his dick. When he was ready to be inside me. He bent me over my bed and pushed his cock in me. Greg felt so good. His dick had a nice curve to it and it made me cream immediately. Greg wanted to cum on my face, baby. And when he was ready, he pulled me by my hair and sprayed all over my face.

I’ve been a busy girl this week, baby. This weekend though, I am looking to get into more trouble. And I bet you want to know more…

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