I’m such a slut for breast feeding!

I have wanted to share my secret breast feeding fetish for quite some time now. There isn’t anything sexier to me than a woman with massive tits full of warm milk. I have posted w4w ads from time to time asking if any milfs out there have huge milk filled tits. One woman in particular I’d love to share about is Kasidee. I met her online and her massive tits are always filled with milk. We have relaxing nights at my place at least twice a week. She makes special foods to produce even more milk, just for me.

We like to have our dates around lunch time so I can get extra full from her warm milk. We often start off our dates by taking hot showers together, and than going right to the bed or couch to relax and explore each others bodies. I love to worship Kasidee’s beautiful milk filled tits. I give them a gentle massage, kiss around her dripping nipples and often lay in her lap as I begin to suckle the warm milk from her breast. Can tell she is enjoying me breast feeding from her filled tits. Her head often falls back as I can feel her whole body loosen and relax. I give her nipples a light pinch.. I move my fingers down her tit while pinching, as if i’m milking an utter.

When I have finished breast feeding from one tit I turn around on her lap or we switch positions to where I am laying on my back as she hangs her filled tits in my face.

I like this position especially just because I am able to get more of her delicious warm milk that way. So as she dangled her beautiful big tits in my face I suckled on her dripping nipples while gently pulling her down closer to me by my mouth. I love feeling like I am a baby sucking from an utter. I can’t get over the feeling knowing she is feeling relaxed as her milk leaves her body. Kasidee’s breast milk tastes so good! I move it around my mouth with my tongue before I swallow. Both of our bodies get so relaxed when I am breast feeding from her. I get so full from her warm milk.

After both of her huge breasts are completely empty she rewards me by playing with my tiny little pussy. She thanks me for being a good little girl and often fingers my pussy as she tickles my clit with her tongue. She always thanks me for doing such a good job and for eating so well. I especially love it when she puts 3 fingers in my pussy to stretch it out and than another finger in my tight little ass hole. I always tighten my ass hole around her finger so she struggles to move it in and out. We than usually end our dates by my cumming all over her hand and face.

I hate saying goodbye to her beautiful tits but If I cum well for her she might even give me a little snack as she stands in the doorway while she leaves.

I could go on and on for days about all the fun Kasidee and I have. I’ll always share my secret fetish obsessions too. If you enjoy hearing my secrets or want to experience me for your self, than give me a call! I’ll be waiting.

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