Schoolgirl fantasy with a hot teacher.

Schoolgirl fantasy with her hot teacher. It all started when I started my senior year in high school and I started my poetry class. I would stare at him while he taught the class, undressing him with my eyes. He was tall about 6’3 easily towering over my 5 feet 5 inches. He had dark brown hair in a crew cut as if he had been military or something. His body was muscled his arms toned to perfection.

I would look at him and have naughty school girl fantasies, of fucking him on his desk in between classes or sucking him under his desk during test time. So one day it was a study day we weren’t having an active teaching session just looking in the books, and he caught me staring for far too long. “Kylie would you mind seeing me after class,” He said the look on his face said he was displeased but the tone in his voice did not match.

Schoolgirl fantasy with a hot teacher.

I watched the clock almost too closely, I was so curious why he wanted to speak with me but time seemed to creep by slower than it ever had before. Finally, the bell had rung and everyone left the room, I stayed in my seat until the room was clear. As the last student left the room he shut the door behind them and pulled the blinds locking the door. He walked over to where I was standing and sat down at the desk in front of mine.

I sat back down his face looking straight into mine.”So I have seen you watching me” He said his voice amused “You’re not the first girl to have a schoolgirl crush on me” He made with a humorous note “But you are the first school girl that I have wanted to act out those fantasies with”. I couldn’t think straight my mind felt numb… was this really happening?

He stood up and took my hand walking me over to his desk and sat me on top. He lifted my skirt and pulled off my panties and buried his face in my pussy licking and sucking on my dainty clit. My pussy was dripping he pulled out his cock and pushed it inside me fucking me on his desk.

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