What is the point of those hairy little balls? I can’t stand them. Testicles just get in the way of a man’s true function, which is to be subservient to women, to do the heavy lifting and to pleasure us without all that randy thrusting behavior. As your dominant young Goddess, you should be completely focusing on me. It is time for my School Girl Castration Time, are you ready?

Don’t get me wrong, those who are worthy will keep their balls. It is imperative I am getting laid and having fun. Women and men are part of my playthings. No one eats my tight teen pussy like an experienced woman. My mother is the very best at it. Father is dominant but my grandmother is more dominant. She has taught me that most men are only for our service.

Father doesn’t agree and that is okay. He isn’t part of my school girl castration time!

You are one of the BIGGEST losers I have ever met. Consequently, that means it is you I am castrating. You are so deserving of being my little bitch. I know your wife thinks you are only good for your income, you are never going to please her. Furthermore, you are not going to please anyone in your life with that little pickle of dick.

So ugly and that ball sack looking so burdensome. Shit, your balls are bigger than your cock. I guarantee you have been living your life without pleasing anyone other than yourself with masturbation. Start getting ready, we will begin soon. I have assembled all the necessary tools to do this myself. Time for school girl castration time loser.

This is so exciting and after this, you are my slave!

My friend is here to assist. She is a nurse and will make sure we are following the best procedures. Start stripping down so she can shave that ghastly ball sack of yours. Maybe we will be lucky and she will snip off that itty bitty pecker. Not that we are going to notice it gone. Your dick is so tiny, no one will be missing it.

I guarantee your wife is constantly telling you how you let her down. It will be nice to be there to serve and please her. Without that nasty ball sack, you will be able to hone your oral skills and be the man she really needs. I am so happy to give her the perfect gift. A eunuch for her to use and abuse. Imagine all the fun sharing this experience during my teen phone sex

My friends enjoying school girl castration time vicariously through me.

I am wondering, am I giving you pain meds or making this really awful for you? Go on, start begging me for the pain meds and we’ll see what I decide. I am loving the idea of your screams during the excruciating pain of castration. Slicing open your sack taking out your useless testicles. Don’t worry, I am inserting a tube, keeping your urethra open, allowing you to pee normally.

Doing research was fun. Learning years ago, that men were castrated so they could provide security for women of oriental royalty. The eunuchs could safely live in the same area without risk of interaction between them. Therefore, subservient to those women. My grandma knows her stuff, men are only good to be our bitches.

Time for the procedure lay down on the table.

Here, take this pill. It is enough to relax you, leaving you with feeling as we slice you up. This is my friend, Judy, the nurse. Relax as we get sterile before starting the deed. Here we are all garbed up in sterile gowns and plastic gloves. Aren’t we sexy? First, she is shaving that ugly scrotum. Oh my, it is cold in here, I didn’t think your pecker could get any smaller. 

Now, relax as we are making the first incision. Wow, that is a lot of blood. Stop screaming you fucking sissy! It will be over soon and you will no longer have the worries of a regular man. Living to serve will be your only purpose. Out with the testes, cleaning up the blood is a lot of work. Now, Judy will stitch you up. I am leaving the whole penis since it is already so small. 

Just think you don’t have to tolerate my Bratty Teen Teasing anymore. I don’t have a reason to tease and deny you now. Looks like I will need to find some other victims for that fun!

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