You make me laugh! Begging me to let you get your way, but that isn’t how it works with me, loser. Signing on for my Bratty Teen Teasing means being prepared for a drawn-out game of tease and denial. I am in it for the long run and enjoy seeing you squirm right now! Look at you, your ball sack full and ready. Oh no, I dropped my pen. Slowly, I am bending over in front of your face, my pussy juices wetting my panties.

I am so close to you; you are smelling that tight young pussy. Licking your lips doesn’t make it easier weirdo. Plus, that is only driving me to torture you even more. When you do creepy stuff, I love making you suffer even more. Well, to be honest, I want you to suffer, PERIOD! You’re doing things that irritate me and making it even more fun for me to deny you.

As I am providing Bratty Teen Teasing, it is all pleasure watching you struggle.

Making your cock drip, even more, is my goal as your teen goddess. During our session today, I am using all the tools in my bag. You better not cum little bitch, or I am going to make things very rough for you today. Do you understand? Good, now get down on your hands and knees and beg me for release. How bad do you want to shoot that load? That bad! 

The funny thing is, I am not ready to let you, just yet! You are here with me because I turn you on, right?! As a bratty teen teasing stupid pathetic men like you, I am learning what makes you tick. That means I am adding your weaknesses to my repertoire of tools. For instance, as I am sliding my hand down my lean sexy body, I see the pupils of your eyes expanding with your arousal.

Is that more than precum leaking out?

It better not be anything other than cum loser. To stop any flow, bend over now! That isn’t bending over as bratty teen teasing goddess wants. You should be touching your toes, so those balls are exposed for my paddle. Swinging full force, my leather paddle connecting with that big ass sends loud smacking sounds through the room. As it is hitting your balls, your screaming is making my pussy tingle with excitement.

Damn, that is such a turn on to know it hurts and feels so good at the same time! I love being a bratty teen teasing you and then denying you of cumming. What a rush it is controlling you. You giving me the reins over your cock and balls is a blast. I wonder if I feel the need to really mess with you, how tight you can clinch that butthole if I go near it?

All of this fun is a bonus for my bratty teen phone sex sessions! 

Everything we are doing helps me to please others as well as you. Thank you for that. Now, let me run my tongue over your balls as you want to explode. Nope, you aren’t cumming just yet; I have so much more to do with you! Beg me to cum; I love hearing you beg! Go on, tell me how bad you are ready to shoot a load. Does it hurt? Hell, yes, so much pressure, but you love it, don’t you?

You are one sick pervert, and that is why we get along. I am kinky brat that gets off on making others suffer. Suffering is your pleasure, which is insane and exciting at the same time. Tell me, little bitch, if I lick right here on your dick, are you going to lose it? You better not or I bring out that sexy leather paddle and beat those balls again!

Oh, that was an intense grimace. 

Have I found a weak spot? That was pushing you to the edge. That is fucking great, bend over baby, let’s get to spanking that ass and those balls. WHACK, WHACK, WHACK! Damn, that feels so good. I love the sound you make as the paddle is connecting with your shots. It is inspiring to see your stamina. Okay, if you are ready, I will let you cum now.

Whether it being Daddy’s Perfect Princess or exacting tease and denial on you, I love getting naughty in every way!

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