I love A guy I can tease and play with but last night I teased too much and ended up getting my ass Spanked.

 Brandon and I had a naughty good time last night even though I got Spanked and I can’t wait to hook up with him again. He’s sexy but with a playful sense of humor so sex is always fun and hot. I think every time we’ve fucked has been amazing and I’m getting excited just thinking about what we did.

 We went out for drinks to loosen up then went back to his place where things ended up in the bedroom. I helped him take his clothes off and when he tried to do mine I stopped him. Sliding his boxers down I knelt there for a minute as I put my hand around his dick, giving it a few strokes to harden him up.

Feeling him throbbing between my fingers as he grew in my fist I kept going until he pushed forward, fucking himself in my hand.

I gave him one last stroke, sliding my hand off him and pushed him down on the edge of the bed.

Standing in front of him I gave him a striptease, taking my clothes off piece by piece as I ran my hands over my body. I moaned and fondled my breasts, getting ready to take my panties off when he grabbed the waistband and tugged them down. “Hey!” I said, getting ready to bitch him out for interrupting me when he grabbed my arm and pulled my face down onto his lap.

His hard dick pressed into me as he put an arm over my back and said: “You know I don’t like waiting for pussy.” I wiggled, trying to get up and cried out as he smacked me.

My ass tingled and it got worse as he smacked me again and again, doing it harder each time. The pain got worse and it burned as my ass felt swollen. My eyes were watery and I could feel pre-cum leaking from his dick, smearing a thin wet line across me.

He stopped and grabbed my hair, forcing me to look at him as he pulled me to my feet. Brandon shoved me back to the bed and I cried out as my sore ass hit the mattress hard as he treated me like a Submissive slut.

He got between my legs and bent them at the knees, shoving them into my chest.

His dick pushed into me with one smooth move and he began fucking me. Making my knees press into me so that I was bent in half and struggling to breathe. Every thrust made my freshly Spanked ass push into the mattress, making it burn even more as he panted and pushed on my legs.

I could feel him go in deep and I laid there, taking it as my pussy throbbed around him. My clit felt like it was on fire and his dick brushed over as he moved forward. I got wetter and bucked my hips up. Moving with him as I moaned and panted for him not to stop.

My pussy tightened around him and my legs tensed up as his dick rubbed over my clit. Sending spasms through me. I grabbed the sheets as I came, pushing my head back into the pillow.

He kept fucking me, his dick sliding past my sensitive walls as I shuddered under him. I began to relax and he groaned loudly as he started to cum in me.

He got off me and I straightened my legs out, taking shaky breaths as I tried to pull myself together. I rolled onto my side to take the pressure of my Spanked bottom. Rested my head on his shoulder as I said: “I think I’m going to need another punishment soon.”

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