Satisfy Your High Heel Fetish Today!

Tired of the same old thing day in and day out? Feel a need to change your pace to something more than just sexy? Craving some hardcore high heel fetish?

Then imagine the following…

Two slim long legs are walking down the hallway. My tight dress is wrapped around my curvy body, showing off my hourglass figure but I can feel eyes glued to my boisterous high heels. My smooth feet are inside the confines of my blood-red shoes, with my high heels practically glowing in the dim night light. You already knew you had a foot fetish from one of the best phone sex sessions of your life, but now a high feel fetish too?

Are you unable to look away? They are pointing right in your direction. You keep watching their long curve as my feet tilt elegantly in arches, your high feel fetish swelling up your cock. Click. Click. The sound reverberates in your ear as I strut past you. Your gaze follows my sexy receding footsteps. until I stop and turn back to you with a smile.

“Are you coming?” I purr.

What else can you say if not yes?

So you walk after me as fast as you can. We go up to an empty room, devoid of all furniture except for two plush chairs, where you sit obediently across from my gorgeous pair of crossed legs.

Is your high heel fetish taking complete control of you?

Are you too busy admiring my legs, letting your gaze wander below to realize what I’m doing? That’s when you feel it. My sultry heels are suddenly right there on your leg, slowly moving towards what seems to you like the unknown. You remain frozen. Looks like you can’t move as the pointy tip of the heel creep upwards. And then you realize it’s against your shin, then your knee, until finally, it’s against your thigh.

You start to breathe heavily. And you wonder just how much further those high heels will climb up. And you feel the sharp back heel press ever so gently against your rock-hard cock. It throbs in anticipation. You need it. You want it. And you have to have it! Your body is frozen in place as you let my sexy shoe rub up and down your crotch. The friction of the shoe is absolute bliss. You take a deep breath to stop yourself grabbing those shapely ankles and rutting yourself against my kinky heels.

But then the magical sensation is gone. That teasing heel has left its place from upon your keening member. You look back at me, wondering why I stopped.

“There is more where that came from,” I replied, licking my red lips. “Do you want it?”

Is there a need to ask? All you have to do is say those magical words: “Yes please.”

Your high heel fetish is about to come true. There is no turning back now.

Call me at 1-888-413-5974 to fulfill all of your high feel fetish fantasies!