My Boyfriend’s Foot Fetish Turned Him Into my Bitch Boy

Foot fetish, foot fetish foot fetish… Are you salivating at these words? How swollen is your cock right now? My panties are sure getting wet!

A guy licking and fucking my feet is something I thoroughly enjoy today, but it didn’t used to be like that. I remember a few years back, I was dating a guy and he’d always beg me to put my toes in his mouth. Or rub his cock with my feet. At first I found it silly, but did it to please him.

It didn’t take me long to really start enjoying the feeling of his warm, creamy cum flowing all over my feet and in between my pretty little toes.  He would always lick everything up and fuck my feet with his tongue. Yes, you read right – he’d slip his tongue in and out of my toes, just as if he were tongue fucking a row of miniature pussies.

Cause eventually, that’s what my feet became to him and me. A row of little pink cunts, each with their very own clitties. Ready to be sucked, plucked and fucked.

Gradually his foot fetish became mine. I’d walk around on dirty floors and force him to lick every bit of dirt and grind off with foot fetish videos playing in the background. Sometimes I’d shove my entire foot in his mouth and have it suck it like it was a cock. Or stick my heel in his mouth and fuck his the back of his throat until it was raw.

The more pain he felt, the more he needed my feet.

If he behaved, I’d allow him to cum on them; if not, I’d force him to bend over and spank him with my paddle.

It turns out that he also had a huge impregnation fetish, so often I’d tell him about impregnation sex stories while I tortured him over and over again, making it clear that I’d never allow him to cum inside my fertile pussy.

There were plenty of other mean things I did to torture him over the months until one day, I didn’t return his call. Bitch boys with a foot fetish only last as long as a sexy pair of heels.

In my book, there are no fetishes that are too kinky for me. So call me at 1-888-413-5974 for the dirtiest, most pleasurable fetish phone sex!