Aliens are scary and yucky. Turns out they’re also kinky!

Impregnation sex stories never fail to get me off. But I never thought getting fucked by aliens would be so damn hot! So sit back, take your dick out and enjoy one of the weirdest and kinkiest impregnation sex stories you’ll ever read.

I wake up in the middle of the night. I’m horny. There’s pussy juice trickling down my thighs.

I start thinking about one my dirty sex stories and reach down in my panties but I stop. I can’t move. I’ve become completely paralyzed.

Next thing I know, I’m in some type of exam room, floating above a table. I see three gigantic humanoid creatures approach me. What the fuck. They remove my white tank top and damp panties, making unintelligible sounds.

One of the aliens smells my panties and passes them off to another. The three creatures make higher-pitched noises, like they’re getting excited, but it’s hard to tell what the fuck is going on.

Wait. Do the aliens have some sort of kinky panty fetish?

The aliens start to probe different parts of my body as I lie there, unable to speak or move. My abductors seem to be particularly interested in my firm tits and wet cunt.

One alien starts to examine my breasts, playing with my nipples as they harden from stimulation. Another alien begins probing my pussy, going up and down my slit and across my swollen clit.

I let out a moan as more juices trickle down my thighs.

This seems to excite the aliens even more. I start to move my hips up and down in rhythm to whatever the fuck they’re doing to me. These little alien creatures are going to make me cum.

The probing stops. The aliens nod at each other and approach me.

Then I see a huge dick approaching my mouth – the biggest and thickest I’ve ever seen.

As the alien inserts his monstrous cock in my throat, an even larger dick enters my tight little ass, while the third alien starts fucking my twat, going as deep as possible.

The next morning I wake up on the floor of my room naked and drenched in green alien cum. Two days later, I take a pregnancy test. It appears I’m now carrying a little alien baby.

Out of all the impregnation sex stories I have, this one makes me cum the hardest!

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