Santa’s Sex Games – Naughty, Nice or so much more

Santa’s Sex games, after all, Jizz The season, or so they say. Everyone has heard of Rudolph’s Reindeer games, but I happen to be one of Santas XXXtra naughty sluts! So I just FUCK all those naughty trysts right out of him and believe me… that’s not all that just came pouring out.

Need a little extra something to twinkle your tinsel? Perhaps some help to Fap your Fruitcake? These Naughty Santa Sex Games are sure to get your egg noggin’.


  1.  Secret Santa- In this Game, you can just seek out all Santa’s alike! All you have to do is Pants Them… the runaway, or console him with a blowie! It is the Holidays.
  2. Stuff my Stocking- I love insertions! So why not make a sex game of it? Just to see just how much you can fit in your pink taco. What exactly do you think could fit snugly in there?
  3. Trimming the Tree- This is a sex game of TRUST, but one that is most arousing. Warm, sensuous massage, long slow strokes of a brutally harsh yet, so delicate blade. Ending in smooth, silky skin.
  4. Snoball Fights- Mmm. Now, this sex game is for the more adventurous player. Which I am *wink!*  and it just happens to my FAVORITE because I ALWAYS WIN!!!! You see I love milking a cock. Playing with your prostate, or sucking you dry. Either way, I get it doesn’t matter. But the minute my mouth is full, The fight begins!! SPLAT! your homemade snow cream right back in your face.

Now these are just a few silly Christmas sex games Right off the top of my head, and yours *wink wink* Imagine how much naughtier they could get?

Do -you have a favorite sex game you like to play?

Need a willing (or unwilling) partner??


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