When my parents left me alone at the mall, Santa raped me.

When Santa raped me, my parents had to conveniently leave me with him to go grab the camera out of the car. My mom was shopping for presents, and my dad ran to the car to grab the camera. I was already scared to sit on Santa’s lap when my dad brought me to the mall. He was such a big, loud, sarcastic man. His whole personality was a giant sensory overload for me.

Then, my dad kept nudging me towards him and I started to get whiny. When it was clear that I was not going to get on Santa’s lap out of my own choice, my father picked me up as I thrashed about. He handed me off to a very eager, rosy-cheeked Santa. Santa smelled like cigarettes and black coffee. I could smell his stale breath as he got really close to my face and asked me what I wanted for Christmas.

I told him that I wanted a Bratz doll and he said that he thought he might have some in the storage room. My childish greed didn’t falter for a minute. He held out his hand and I took it, following him to the storage closet. We both entered the closet and I realized that there was no doll. In fact, there were no toys in the closet at all, just boxes and cleaning supplies. Before I knew it, he stuffed his hat in my mouth and began duct-taping it.

His horrible oily white hair was matted to his head.

He began to unbuckle his belt. I tried to run away and grabbed my leg and dragged me back. He lifted my dress and yanked my panties down. I felt him fumble around at his crotch and then I saw him pull out his veiny pink rod. Then, I felt him pressing and rubbing it up against my pussy. I thrashed about, but eventually, he caught a good hold of my struggling body and he pinned me with my legs apart. Looking down I could see his pink stick touching and rubbing while I squirmed against it. I couldn’t help it, this actually kind of felt good even though I was scared. I had a tingle in my pussy.

He forced his way into me and I felt the opening of my pussy stretch wide until he was all the way in me, that made me squirm and try to scream. I felt this deep deep internal pressure in my crotch all the way to my stomach. I couldn’t force him out. He began to thrust, peeling me open inch by inch. Kissing my cheek telling me it will be okay soon…I felt his cock shove me open over and over again. He pounded that hard rod into me until I felt like I couldn’t take it anymore. Finally, he grunted and laid on top of me filled me with his seed, and pulled it out of me.

He slid my panties on my young body and un-taped my mouth. I felt his sticky goo running out of my pussy and down my leg. He buckled up his pants and grabbed me by the hand. He wiped my tears with his hand and yelled at me to stop crying or he would fuck me again. Then, he tugged me out into the mall and found my father. He told my father that I cried because he left and that we went to look for him. That was how Santa raped me.

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