I Can’t Believe My Sadistic Friend Fucked Her Husband and Had So Much Fun!

Well, my sadistic friend fucked her husband on their anniversary and had so much fun.  Okay, I think I need to tell you she had so much fun, but he didn’t exactly have the anniversary that he would have hoped for.

If you asked her husband Fernando what happened, he would have screamed that he had to endure a forced prostate massage that ended up being so traumatic.

My eyes rolled when my sadistic friend fucked her husband.

I never thought that Jessica had it in her to cross over to such taboo territory. Most of the time she was so quiet. Perhaps the anger had been brewing under the surface and this just pushed her over the edge. Over the edge into revenge.

Personally, I think some of the events that led up to this moment were going to happen sooner or later. Jessica was no saint, but who among us can say that we are not subject to our own evils, right?

As an example, she ran out on him many times to go have fun. Or, many times Jessica would stay over at her job late. I had my suspicions but kept my mouth shut. After all, it was for the two of them to work out and duke out.

What happened that finally did it for her?

For one thing, their anniversary was coming up. Jessica had planned out some of the things she had wanted to do with her man, Fernando. Jessica had reserved a private boat for them to have dinner on board at sunset. She wanted wine, and the peaceful quiet of the water, and him.

Jessica had planned on popping the announcement that she had a bun in the oven and surprising him on their anniversary. However, this was not to be the case. So, she had told her husband to be ready to come straight over after work and get ready to go. Jessica was looking forward to the surprises.

When Jessica came home to get ready

Jessica came home to an empty house. Time passed, but he never showed up. When it became late, she called around and even called over to the hospitals in the area. He never showed up.

Finally, at 1:00 in the morning, Jessica’s husband showed up and came in. Fernando went into the house and straight into a shower, then went to bed, complaining of a headache.

It didn’t take very long for her to figure things out.

Fernando had obviously forgotten their special day. She cried, then decided to get even with him.

While Fernando slept, she tied his hands to the bedposts, then bound his legs so they were raised. He was so drunk and slept heavier than she had ever seen him sleep. She could have screamed and he would not have stirred under his wasted state.

A smile crossed her face as she went over to her nightstand.

Jessica slipped into her strap-on.  It had been so long, almost too long since she had dawned on this toy. There was no going back. The next time he looked over at his wife she was putting the tip of her strap on into the entrance of his ass hole.

Fernando could see the anger in her eyes and the evil smile on her face. I knew my sadistic friend fucked him because he was so inconsiderate and forgot a day that was very important to her.

At first, Fernando tried to struggle, then screamed. He cursed and threatened, but to no avail. Her soft blue eyes looked into his and all he saw was the icy blue of her anger.  Jessica was tired of playing cat and mouse and plunged her long strap-on hard into his ass.  Fernando screamed as she had not put any lubrication on her toy or his ass.

There was no mercy in her eyes.

As this sadistic friend fucked her screaming husband in his ass, she reached over and pinched his nipples so hard he shook the bed with his attempt to break free. There was no way she would be safe if she untied him now.

Fernando was not into anything fun and taboo like she was, so hence the reason for her late-night visits with other men. Her surprise had renewed her determination to work things out, but now all Jessica thought about was what it would be like to demote him to permanent bitch.

What do you think she did to him next?

Do you think you can handle this taboo phone sex experience? Come and give me a try, if you dare.


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