I LOVE to masturbate.  Sometimes I masturbate right after having a fantastic orgsam during sex.  Once I discovered masturbation when I was eight years old, I haven’t been able to stop doing it.

I used to masturbate in school.  My favorite time was during quiet reading.  I sat in the back of the class and the way I would do it is I would push my pussy down on my chair, lean forward slightly and grind down and in small circles.  I had to be very careful not to be too obvious but if I kept it up for a few minutes, I was bound to have an orgasm right in class while I was supposed to be focusing on Tom Sawyer.

I also masturbated on the school bus. I would find an empty seat and spread out, leaning my head against the window and stretching my legs out.  This worked out great during the winter months because I usually had a coat that I would cover myself up with, like a blanket.  While the others thought I was taking a nap, I was secretly fingering my pussy and rubbing my clit.  It usually only took about two minutes before I was cumming on the bus.

As I got older and started driving, I would often masturbate in the car.  This is much easier at night, of course because it’s more private.  At night, I would just rub my clit through my panties and orgasm after a couple of minutes of hard rubbing.  During the day, I had to be more sneaky about it.  I found that if I just pressed my thighs together, and flexed my kegel muscles, I could have an orgasm with both hands on the steering wheel.

I use the hands free masturbation technique at my desk at work, at the movie theater, while having dinner with friends, in public bathrooms.  I have absolutely mastered the “Cum Poker Face” so well that nobody even notices a change in my facial expression when I’m cumming right in front of them.

Part of the fun of masturbating in public is feeling sneaky and knowing I have a big juicy secret.  And there’s not a lot of clean up involved!

Tell me about your masturbation adventures.  Better yet – masturbate WITH me!

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