Asphyxiation play turns Roxy crazy.

Asphyxiation play? Roxy loves it! I’d heard about asphyxiation play before, and how erotic it could be but I never got a chance to experience it until now. Who ever thought asphyxiation could turn me on so much? I got to take a little trip with one of my best friends a few weeks ago, and I can tell you it was an experience I never thought I’d have or wish I could have again.

My best friend always loves to push me into an extreme situations and she and I both know I always get so excited when she says get a weekend away, we have a trip to go on.  I packed my bags trying to think what she had planned for us this time. All she would say was that it was a private party, and that she was going to give me an up close and personal experience in the BDSM world.

We walked in and looked around, people were everywhere. Just enough light to catch glimpses of people talking, fondling each other, kissing …….. I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up just watching it all. Then I felt someones breath on the back of my neck, and then lips kiss my exposed skin in between my shoulder blades. I felt a strong hand grip my left hip, my heart started racing and I could feel myself starting to breath harder.  My friend smiled at me, waved and said have fun! He took my hand and led me to a room toward the back.

The moment we stepped in the room, I could see it was open at the top, like an observation area.

People were standing around and smiled down upon us as we walked in. He pushed me up against the bed that was in the room and started kissing my neck, I looked up and everyone was watching. I felt that familiar tingle spread through my body as he grabbed a hold of my top, ripping it off. He whispered in my ear, ‘have you ever played an asphyxiation play?’.

I never glanced up again to see if they were watching, my whole mind and body focused on him. His eyes mesmerized me I knew no matter what he wanted I couldn’t tell him no. He spun me around and ripped off my skirt and pushed me over the bed. The coolness in the room made my nipples turn hard, which in turn made my pussy even warmer. He strapped my hands to the bed, pulled down my red lace cheeky panties and let the leather straps on the flogging device caress my cheeks.

Then started crisp spanks. I could feel the welts start to swell, but I liked it. He kept me that way for about 20 minutes, and then he flipped me over then re-strapped my hands. I could see how big and thick his cock was and that lust in his eyes excited and terrified me all at one time. He pushed my legs apart with a purpose and started squeezing and twisting my nipples as he fucked me, asking me if I wanted more. I shook my head yes! So turned on, I wanted it to go on forever.

And then he moved his hand up to my throat I could feel his fingers digging in, attempting to get a better and tighter hold.

I tried to reach up to grab his hands off my throat and became aware again I was restrained to the bed. He fucked me harder, and the harder he fucked me the tighter grasp he took. I felt myself starting to slip into that passing out stage, but then my body started to shake and I could feel that feeling of an orgasm about to surface. Then all of a sudden that panic feeling subsided, my body giving into my desires.

I felt that huge orgasms ravage my body, I could barely see, the blackness covering almost all my vision, but the orgasm kept coming and coming. I felt myself being able to breath again, my sight returning. So I was aware of my sweaty body under his, his heart racing. ‘Did you enjoy it?’ he asked. My drawn-out yes told him everything he needed to know. Who would have thought a little asphyxiation could make me have one of the most amazing orgasms I have ever experienced so far.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke