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He looked at my boyfriend, then to me, and then back to him again. We both shook our heads and pointed in his direction. In response, my lover fainted. Once I found the smelling salts and woke him up, he tried to talk, but no words came out. I guess he was shocked at my round baby bump!

Almost on cue, my boyfriend turned me around and positioned my pussy to slide down his cock. I watched as my lover looked at my round baby bump going up and down while my boyfriend fucked me. His pure impregnation fantasies were unfolding in front of him. The situation so aroused us that we came quickly, violently, and together. As his cock spasmed, massive jolts of cum sprayed the walls of my tight pregnant pussy.

So much so that it flowed everywhere. I crawled over to my lover, who was still sitting on the floor. Then I lowered my round baby bump and my tight pregnant pussy on to his face. I got so wet watching lover boy drink my boyfriend’s cum. The erotic sight of my round baby bump resting on my lover’s face as he slurped another man’s cum made me squirt.

Once I soaked him in cum and squirt, I sent a text message.

Then, an army of boys with BBCs streamed into the house. I had all those huge cocks lined up and waiting outside. All night long, my lover watched them pound his baby mama’s belly and fill her pussy and ass. I took four loads of cum in my pussy, fed my lover, and then did the same thing with my ass. This nasty devil’s work continued for the next eight hours.

At the end of the night, my best friend came over. She is one very nasty mistress, and she proceeded to whip my lover for getting me pregnant. It was so hot because we all enjoyed his physical pain, and we enjoyed his emotional pain even more. Remember, he is the only one who did not know that I intended to have him impregnate me. We made him beg for mercy and apologize over and over again. Then, we told them that forgiveness would come from proving he was a worthy servant.

We made him crawl over to my boyfriend and offer his mouth.

My boyfriend happily stuck his think juicy cock in my lover’s mouth. Watching him choke and gag on that cock as he “tried to make amends” was beyond hot. We all laughed cruelly as my best friend beat his ass and called him careless. Her tears made our pussies so wet. We decided to harness up. While my boyfriend fucked his face, we poured a quart of lube on his ass. Then the two of us lined up our strap-ons and pushed into his ass at the same time. Even with a big fat cock in his mouth, he managed to let out a blood-curdling yelp.

Once his ass was bloody and his throat raw, we stopped. My best friend put a leash on him and made him walk naked back to her house where he spent the night in a cage with two over-sexed twinks. The next morning, we had a “family meeting” to discuss how things would work going forward.

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