Pure taboo impregnation sounds like a mouth full, doesn’t it?

It’s a mouth full definitely but it is so fucking hot. That’s why you invited me over to your house while your little teen daughter is still in her bed getting her beauty rest. Meanwhile, you are thinking about pure taboo impregnation. It isn’t like she really needs it either.

Your daughter has long brown curly hair that goes almost all the way down to her cute little bubble butt. Megan didn’t even realize how hot she was becoming yet. She is going to have all the boys running after her someday, but right now it’s Daddy’s turn to play.

When we first started chatting you were nervous to confess all of your hidden desires, but slowly I was able to draw them out of you. Our detailed sex stories turned me on too. I love hearing about all the naughty things you want to do to her.

She was such an innocent sweet girl, but you knew she wouldn’t stay like that forever and you needed to take full advantage. We talked about a plan for when her mother was out of town. I would come over to help you use Megan for the first time, and fulfill your fantasy of pure taboo impregnation.

You reminded me of how kinky my own daddy was, so I knew it was going to be a blast helping you turn Megan from a cute little school girl to a full-fledged knocked-up slut.

You can never start too earlier these days. The day finally came for your wife to leave town for her annual week-long girl’s trip.

We had a full seven-day itinerary to turn Megan into a pure taboo impregnation-loving whore. I caught my flight, and it wasn’t long before I was knocking on your front door.

Your house was the perfect cute suburban house – the doings of your now long-gone wife. I already knew what Megan looked like from all the naughty information you shared with me, but she was even prettier in person. Even when she was sleeping, she didn’t have a hair out of place.

She looked like a cute teen angel. You woke her up with me standing beside you. The look of surprise is all over her face. You explain that I’m a friend of yours who is going to be staying here while mommy is away on her girl’s trip.

Then, I moved the covers that were guarding her body. She looked nervous, but I didn’t care. It turns out that Ms. Innocent slept in a little nightgown but no panties on.

Her body looked so young.

My fingers started to wander up and down her little legs. She had no idea she was about to be a pure taboo impregnation princess.

Her life was going to change forever. My hand went up to her pussy, and I softly started to rub on her pussy lips, just teasing her. You can’t take your eyes away.

They are glued to her now wet cunt.

She easily became so wet! She is just made to become Daddy’s little whore. I told you to take off your clothes.

Megan glanced over at you removing your boxers very curiously. I told her that Daddy had been waiting for this day for a while, and it was finally time for her to become a big girl. I started gliding your throbbing cock to her lips until she opened up wide.

It took her a bit to adjust to how big your cock was in her tight little mouth.

She had a mouth full to swallow!

Your cock got super wet in a matter of minutes after being in Megan’s mouth. I could tell you were about to cum so I had her pull her mouth away from you. It was so important that you came inside her, and I didn’t want you to be disappointed.

So, I had Megan lay back down on her bed and spread her legs. When I told her it was time, she tried to shut her legs. But I held them open. You got between her little teen legs and started pumping inside her pussy.

You couldn’t stop once you started. Her pussy is the tightest you have ever felt before. Before I could even tell you to slow down, you busted inside of her.

It’s okay though, I reminded you. We did have all week with our new little fucktoy.

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