A little rough sex, a little sweet love..

Rough sex drives me fucking wild, no matter who I’m playing with.. He was rougher than I could ever imagine. He loved picking me up and pushing me against the wall. My weight forced me to take his cock all the way, every time..  I loved digging my nails into his back, letting them drag down, sometimes drawing a little rough. This jerk was probably the best fuck I’d ever had. He loved throwing me around, he wasn’t afraid that I’d break. I could get so rough with him, shoving him down sometimes to handcuff him, so I could tease him for hours, and watch as he struggled to get out of the cuffs.. There were a few times that he’d broken them and gotten out, pulling me back down so he could get what I’d been holding out on him.

He loved it when I bit him back.

I could have bitten his neck, kissing it softly afterwards, or his shoulder, or teasingly taken a nip at his hand and thigh. It still drove him crazy. Sometimes I’d give him a deep kiss, then bite his lip and sink down a little, kissing down his chest.. That one drove him craziest. I loved it. He had a fetish for it, loving how rough I could get with the biting, the kissing, the leaving nail marks everywhere.. He was the best fuck buddy I’ve ever had, sometimes stopping by unannounced just to have the element of surprise. Those were the best, and messiest sex adventures I’ve ever had!

It was common to have a few broken things laying around, just from how hard he could press me up against the wall, making some of the nearby desks give a little shake. He loved to make me scream his name, and I loved when I bit him so hard that he couldn’t help but moan and get a little rougher..

Come play with me. 

Your Taboo Phone Sex Princess

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