Your naughty texts about what you would do to me get me wet. You send me snippets of naughty adult sex stories. I love how much you enjoy talking about rough sex.


It’s not fair, actually. You always know my weakness. Here I am, sitting at dinner with my friends and my pussy is soaking wet. The way you talk about rough sex has my mind not focused on dinner at all. I can’t wait to get home and take off these black stockings. I know how much you enjoy them, so I start sending you naughty little texts.

Eventually, you won’t be able to stay away and you will have to come over.


After all the teasing, I expect you to be very frustrated. Normally that can even frighten me a little bit, but I want you frustrated. I love being the catalyst for your excitement.


When I answer the door, you suddenly bend me over, exposing my bare ass. It is a nice shade of white right now, but I know you won’t let it be like that for long. You start spanking my ass hard. I can tell how horny you are because you don’t ease me into it. I feel the full weight of your hand right away.


It leaves a sting but it feels so good. Once you hear my breath quicken, you start to unzip your pants and turn me around and push me to my knees. Your cock tastes so good on my tongue. So does all your pre-cum. You have me so fucking horny, and I just want your cum deep inside me. You catch on to that by how greedily I am sucking your cock.


Then, you push your cock deep inside my dripping wet pussy and it feels like heaven. I love how you roughly thrust with your hips against mine. It’s enough to send me over the edge more than once, especially once you fill me with cum.

Let’s test our limits while we have naughty fun on my phone chat line.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke

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