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What about one of my hot adult sex stories? I thought you would. You love it when I’m a little submissive slut. Your cock gets hard knowing I love forced sex more than anything. I know how you love being able to do whatever the fuck you want to me, and how you especially love the way it feels to choke me. So relax and let me tell you a little story…

First, you begin to kiss and seduce me almost as if we are going to have regular, boring sex. Both you and I know this is anything but the truth. I know just how hard you like to fuck me. Once I start to think this is just going to be normal sex is when you slap my tits. I love the look you get in your eyes when you hear me moan in pain. Then you spit in my face and begin pulling and hurting my nipples. It hurts so bad, but I can see how hard you are getting out of the corner of my eye.

After that, you flip me over and have me lay across your lap.

Then you spank my ass as hard as you can until my ass is visibly bruised. You then slap my pussy repeatedly before holding me down and forcing your cock inside. I love being fucked hard, but what you can do is on a whole new level. You wrap your hands around my neck and choke me. As you choke me I begin to feel you fucking me even harder and rougher. Just as I am about to lose consciousness, you let go. Then you put me on all fours, my bruised ass straight in the air. You fuck my ass hard while pulling my hair in your hand. It hurts so bad to feel you slam so hard right against my bruised ass. After a few minutes of hard anal, you fill my ass with cum and leave me there feeling completely ruined.


I hoped you liked my special story. If you call me, we can have some of the best phone sex ever!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke

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