He Caught Me By Surprise With His Rough Sex Kink

My new guy asked me how I felt about S&M. And I said I’d not really played around with it much. But I was pretty open to trying new things. First He asked me how mu

rough sex is hot

ch rough sex I’d had in the past. And I said most of my boyfriends had been pretty easy going and not rough sorts.But I could take a bit or rough sex if he’d like to try it. I didn’t think much of it until a few days later I woke up to feeling my hands being handcuffed to the bedposts. The cool metal of the steel around my wrists. And being restrained woke me up . I struggled to get free as I heard him laughing with a low growl in the near darkness of the bedroom.

 He Slapped Me Right Across The Face

He asked if I was ok and if I wanted to be let out. And I said no, it was fine, you just caught me by surprise,.And I wasn’t expecting this. I was then taken aback even more when I felt the back of his hand slap against my face. Tossing it to the pillow. I was speechless at being backhanded this way from a dead sleep. I was pretty angry in fact and opened my mouth to speak and was slapped again.  Not to mention He said, “Shut up, bitch,” as I lay there in the darkness,I was barely able to comprehend what was happening.

He undid one of the handcuffs and all of a sudden I felt myself being flipped over. And as my hand was still handcuffed to the bedpost. I was at an odd angle and I felt his hand wailing down on my naked ass cheek, spanking me hard. The slaps of the flesh echoed throughout the room and it stung.  Afterwards I was flipped on my back again and re cuffed, so both hands were restrained. I felt a pair of my dirty panties being stuffed into my mouth to muffle my cries. Additionally he was on top of me, roughly wrenching my thighs apart and pushing his cock inside of me. Forcing himself on me, and into me.

I Had To Admit It Was Turning Me On

I was not expecting this being taken by force in the middle of the night.  Although it was unexpected, I was undeniably wet, the rough sex was a bit arousing. This being taken by surprise was not giving me much time to think or mentally prepare. I just had dick in my cunt, pumping away and decided to give into it, feeling him in me. Next  my hands were tied, since I wasn’t able to claw at his back. I could wrap my legs around his waist and pull him into me.

But it was all so primal and kind of violent. But finally I felt an orgasm welling up inside of me with the repeated thrusts into my pussy. And his cock gliding against my clit. I felt myself cum all over his cock and he could feel the contractions as well. And he called me a dirty slut and said how much I liked being taken in the night. As if I was a common whore, and he was right. The sensations overwhelmed me and I just came and came.
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