Rough Sex is the best sex

When I’m getting fucked, I need it to be rough sex. I want to feel the cock slamming inside me. I want to hear the slap of our bodies against each other.

My sexy friend and his hard BBC came over to give me a really good time yesterday.  He came in and didn’t even say anything. I was pulled me into my room and he began to strip me. He pulled off my tight dress and slid down my sexy black thong. Then he pushed me onto the bed and shoved his big black cock into my tight little pussy.

He slammed his big cock into me. His balls slapped against my pussy as he sped up his strokes into me. I felt a hard slap on my ass as he pounded  his big cock in me. He loves leaving his hand print on me, marking his territory, I suppose.

Fuck me harder!

Suddenly, he pulled me up and spun me so I was lying on my back. He grabbed a hold of my tits and slammed into me as he held tight onto my little tits.  I came hard as he pounded his cock in me and as I screamed he came, too, but he didn’t stop fucking me.

He slowed down a bit as he came and his dick got sensitive, but then he began to fuck me again. I lifted my legs up and draped them over his shoulders so he could get in my tight little pussy even deeper.

He rubbed his thumb over my clit as he fucked me deep. It didn’t take long until I came again right on his cock. Again he came with me and this time we both were done. I was sore, tired, and completely satisfied.


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