Rough sex is one of my favorite past times. And now I know it’s yours too.

First time I showed you the video of what I wanted you to do to me, I saw your cock twitch. That’s when you found out I love rough sex. I think it even made you harder, then the first time I told you I wanted to have public sex. And that’s when all the fun started. You took off your pants so I could tell that your cock was rock hard. Then you took me by my hair and slammed me down onto my knees.

My cunt started getting wet as you forced your cock deep inside my throat. You didn’t give me a chance to catch my breath before you started deep throating me. You just laughed when I started gagging and choking. Then you started pushing my head down until my nose was right against your stomach. Drool and spit leaked from my chin down to my bare round tits.

 I loved what you were doing to me, and you knew it too.

You bent me over the couch and spanked me until my ass was bright red showing the outline of your hands. I never knew you could be so rough. Then you sat on the couch and grabbed me by the throat making me land right on your cock, which slid very easily inside my already wet pussy. It felt so good to be bouncing up and down on your cock.

You made it a point to pull on my erect nipples until I moaned in pain. My moans pushed you over the edge, and you started filling up my pussy with squirt after squirt of cum. My pussy felt so good with so much of your cum inside me.  It felt so good to be your little slut.  I loved our new sex, and I knew that we would never be going back to how it was before.

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