What is more naughty than public sex?

Not a lot of things beat public sex. You do know a few incest sex stories that come close. But, getting kinky in public is such a fun activity, and I can think of a way to make it even better. And I know you have been thinking about it too. You love to jog by the local high school in the afternoon. It is no mistake that it is when the school is being released. The sidewalks soon fill with tight young asses in jean shorts. They always leave little to the imagination. Your eyes can’t help but stare at their asses bouncing up and down while they walk. A couple stops and flirts with you.

You have dreamed of just taking one of those high school cuties and fucking their tight bodies.

After all, they are always flirting with you. They love the attention of an older man looking at them. Who would you pick? Would it be that shy and slightly nervous girl with the clear lip gloss on? Or would it be the slutty blonde with the shortest shorts of them all? I’m sure both of them have a naughty side. They both probably go home to rub their horny pussies.

Today could be the day that you take one of them or both of them onto the walking trail. They wouldn’t fight you at all. It would be so exciting to these pieces of jailbait.  You know they must be so tired of getting fucked by high school boys with no experience. That is why they are always showing off their tits and asses to you. They need a real man who has experience. Someone who knows how to make them feel good. And you know exactly what you are doing. You can make them cum over and over again on your cock.

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Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke

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