Rough Sex

My best friend in the whole world is a guy named Danny. I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy rough sex with my best friend. Furthermore, I didn’t realize how much Danny Enjoyed Rough Sex
We have known each other for the past 6 years but just recently started “hanging out” every day.
I work nights at a strip club as a dancer. Danny is a wealthy private chef. He just recently quit his job because his hours didn’t match up with mine.
Once he quit his job he was at the club every night. It got to the point to where he drove me to work and drove me home.

On our rides home, I often thought of leaning over, blowing him and showing off my cum eating skills.

That would LITERALLY BLOW his mind. Pun intended!


There were nights where I gave him a stack of 100 dollar bills and told him to “occupy me all night”. He would never take the money. He knew I worked my ass off for everything I have so he literally matched the stack of 100 dollar bills every time. We became really close. Of course after all the lap dances he received. And after each time I grounded my wet pussy on his dick. I’m not going to lie, his cock is fat as fuck and pretty fucking long.
But I never let him know how much his dick made me wet. Idk why I just didn’t know how to take the next step.

… I needed rough sex

One night at the club one of my regular clients requested my company for an hour upstairs. Danny made eye contact with me as I walked my client up to the stairs. He was upset.
For some reason, I was thinking about Danny while I was grinding on this guys lap. I was fantasizing about Danny’s cock rubbing between my ass cheeks, then moving towards my pussy lips. I was picturing his cock sliding inside of me. Just the tip at first, then pushing every inch of his dick into my pussy…
I was so fucking wet and caught up in my Fantasy I didn’t realize my client was fingering my pussy…


Be on the Lookout for PART 2

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