Firstly I must say The Ultimate Girlfriend experience has to be my favorite kind of call. During a Girlfriend experience (GFE as it is more commonly known as) Call, you get a true connection. Some of the absolute hottest Phonesex calls stem from a Girlfriend Experience phone session. Don’t get me wrong I understand everyone wants a quickie every now an again, but when you build a relationship with your phone girlfriend she could end up writing sexy stories like this about YOU. *giggle*


Secondly, If This is your first encounter with me, you may want to start at the beginning you can find that here in my naughty little Rough Sex Blog.

I have several, but this is the most current.

Yes, I enjoy rough sex often.

Just Talk to me, and you will find out all about me.


Danny reaches down and shoves two fingers into my pussy. Each time he pulls his fingers out of my pussy, he pulls my clients’ cum out. I expect him to be upset but he pulls his cock out and it’s rock fucking hard! I try to get up because I want to taste it, but Danny pushes me back down. He grabs a condom out of his wallet and hands it to me. I look at him in his eyes and throw the condom across the room.

No condoms

Danny makes the sexiest little smirk on his face and leans forward just inserting the tip of his cock inside of my cum filled pussy. The touch of his couch makes me moan louder than I’ve ever moaned before. I try to scoot closer so that I could feel more of his cock, but Danny is holding my legs open keeping me in one spot. He keeps teasing me by just fucking me with the tip of his dick until beg him. “Fuck me, BABY, PLEASE” he leaned down and told me louder…”FUCK ME DANNY PLEASE!!!” Danny let go of my legs and fell forward. Initially, I felt every inch of his thick cock stretch my pussy lips.

I instantly started creaming on his cock. I could help but scream his name as loud as I could! “DANNY FUCK! DANNY BABY!!! FUUUCCKKK DANNY!!!” Every time he pumped his cock into my soaking wet pussy I had an orgasm.

are you thinking about The Girlfriend Experience yet?…

Furthermore, I know the bouncer on the other side of the door could hear me over the music. Danny’s strokes got deeper and harder. Danny’s hard cock throbbed inside of my stomach, I knew he was about to cum. I wrapped my legs around him so he could pull out. He started moaning louder and louder and I felt his dick swell up so hard inside of me I started squirting all over his cock. My legs started shaking uncontrollably causing me to unwrap them from around his waist. Just when I thought he was going to pull his cock out he leaned all the way forward, put his tongue in my mouth and started cumming inside of me!

Earlier I said I felt every drop of my clients cum but Danny sprayed so hard and so much cum into my pussy I squirted even harder. What else could I DO?!


Danny is so sexy, successful, and intelligent. We play together all the time. This may have started off as a rough and raunchy fuck *smirk* but it won’t end that way, I’d much rather give him the Girlfriend Experience he deserves.

…what are you waiting for?

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