Rough sex God YES SIR PLEASE

I say the Best Phone Sex is with me but it’s for many reasons. There is nothing like Rough sex to make a Kitten purrrrr. Don’t get me wrong. Like most women, I want the hand holding, the gentle kisses, and the tender strokes. I love texture play where it awakens my entire body. That is probably why I have a stocking fetish. LOL, but then silk stockings are so versatile. They can be used as decorations to my body, even cable to be tied up with. So that one is at the mercy of the other’s lust which is always fun.

BUT LOL, Good Lord above when that gentle lovemaking turns to animal passion is when I cum. When I drive a man’s passions past his “civilized” behavior I get chills and thrills. When he gives into selfish lust, with no mercy, taking my body as his desires dictate I start to cum.

It is like sex therapy, when I feel gentle fingers start to grip my body tight so hard they bruise. I love when his tender lips release their captives, allowing his teeth to come out to play. His mouth goes from a caress to conquering my cunt juices flow. When his cock goes from a sensitive stroke to an invading titanium rod his desire I worship him. His every move demanding my cum to feed his own. Once I start cumming at the mercy of a primal male in the grips of his sex beast.

He becomes my lord of lust.

And I enter subspace. It is a place where I no longer have the ability to form a thought. Only the feeling of overwhelming sensations exists within my body. I have no memories, no understanding, only the sensations my beast inflicts on me. My pleasures are completely under his control. I have no choice but to submit to my beast Lords lust, his every whim. But then my pussy gets so tight when I cum that the man does need to be able to stay hard. And I get so wet it’s not unusual for us both to be covered in my cum so he does need to have the endurance to keep up with me. I am a pansexual polysexual kitten, at my sexual peak. I need a man to satisfy my mind as well as my sexuality.

LOL, I have silk scarves and ties, lotions and oils, chains and ropes, a flail, and a whip. He can use as well as his body as he wishes. All I ask for rough sex is leave no permanent marks, and only his body enters mine. When a man has bonded to my submission, my lust then my heart bonds to him…

At all times I am the goddess of my world. I am Queen of my life, the mistress of my harem of girlfriends. But he becomes my sex god, King of my life, and recipient of all I am or have to give. I will bring him any or all of my harem for his pleasure. I am very greedy and selfish though. His cum belongs to me. He must cum in my mouth, my pussy, or I get to eat any creampie he makes. I worship him every moment and gift him with his every desire. All he has to do is keep his arms open when his submissive kitten needs snuggles, keep my pussy purrrring.

LOL,  Like I said the best phone sex is with me,

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