Rough incest story with my big brother!

So, I’ve been naughty and totally have been teasing my big brother for like months. Trying to get him to notice me and trying to show off to him. Well, let me tell you about how he forced me to stop teasing him. It was rough and my throat was actually bruised for a week!

I’m not wearing panties and a really short skirt one day around the house while mom and dad are gone. Big brother and I are the only ones in the house for the day. So, I start by finding my brother in the living room as he’s watching TV. I then go up to the entertainment center and pretend to look for something.

First I am on my knees and then I start bending over. Hoping for rough incest and making sure big brother sees my perfect, cute ass. He says “Sis, come sit by me for a minute, please?” I sit by him on the couch and ask what’s up. Big bro says he’s been noticing something about me lately.

I lean back and say “What do you mean, bro?”

He says “Look, I see what’s going on. You’ve been really weird and today was the last straw. Not wearing any panties? Come on, I can see your pussy.” I blush and he says “I’m going to have to punish you since I am the oldest one here.”

I say “Wait, what? Why are you going to punish me? I didn’t do anything wrong!” He then says “Get on your fucking knees.” Surprised, I gasp and then get to my knees on the floor.

He unzips his pants and takes out his massive cock and I didn’t think it would go this far. What’s going to happen next?! A rough incest story? Oh, man! I didn’t think it would get this far!

He says “Open your god damn mouth, little sis.” I open my mouth and he shoves his entire cock inside! He then starts to grab my hair and thrust it into my throat. I couldn’t believe it! The next thing I know my eyes are watering and my nose is running as he’s fucking my tight throat,

Could this be the rough incest story I had been hoping for?

I start trying to pull away but he won’t let me. I feel his cock hitting the back of my throat and I and gagging all over his cock. But, he seems to like it. He then grabs me by my hair and throws me onto the couch.

He spreads my legs and I try to get away but he just forces his huge cock into my pussy, which was really slippery even though I was forced to suck him. He starts to pound my tight little teen pussy and I just moan because it feels so good! His big dick was just filling my tight pussy up and stretching it wide. I had no idea my brother was packing.

Rough incest story of my dreams, honestly. I mean he was really fucking me hard and even playing with my big tits. I couldn’t help but cum so fast. He flips me over and spanks me and then rams his cock back inside of me. I squeal and moan and he just pounds me into the couch.

I just take every inch of my brother’s big cock and just can’t help but cum again. This time it felt even wetter than before. He made me squirt! I couldn’t believe it. No boy my age could make me squirt before.

And he just keeps pounding my pussy, because this is our rough incest story, after all.

No stopping, he keeps going on and on and pounding away at my tight puss as if I were a sex toy. And then I feel him grab my ass. He then says “Get ready sis!” And I feel a stream of hot cum just shoot inside of me. Was this like breeding sex stories? Because I am NOT on birth control!

And then he pulls away from me and tells me to clean up because mom and dad will be home soon.

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