Nothing Makes Me Hotter, Than A Rough Forced Bi Session!

A good ole forced bi session is my favorite and dammit, with enough alcohol and blackmail, you can make a man do anything! You know how men just love watching two women having sex? Yeah, well it works the other way too, at least for me. For a lot of women, it’s really hot seeing two guys go at it and it’s even hotter when one of them is a big, strong man that’s forced into being someone’s bitch. There’s just something so sexy and taboo about forced bi that makes it more fun. I never thought I’d get tough John to take a big thick dick up his ass, but I did it.

I used to see John on a fairly regular basis, but then he sort of disappeared now and again. So I asked him what was going on and it turns out that his wife had been asking questions about why he’s hanging out with his friends (aka me) so much and she never got to see him anymore. I thought about what to do about this and came up with a very naughty idea. You see, one night I taped John and I fucking, but kept it a secret, even from him and then a few days later asked him to come over.

I took John into the living room and told him we were going to watch a movie.

The sex tape started and he thought it was the hottest thing ever. I paused it and asked if he thought his wife would think it was hot too and he asked me what the fuck I was talking about. “Well, she might see it, but it depends on what you do,” I told him and pulled him off the couch, leading him to the bedroom. That’s where he found a very naked and hard Tim on my bed. John saw him and started to turn away, but I had a good grip on him. “See how hard he is for you? Now if you let him fuck your tight little ass, I’ll give you the tape. If you chose not to, then she’s going to get a little surprise…do you catch my drift?” Then, I pushed him towards the bed and reluctantly, he went as directed!

He looked at me with fear in his eyes as he got on the bed. “It’s your choice,” I told him even though it was one he wouldn’t make. I sat in a chair beside the bed so I could get a good look at everything. Tim pulled John facedown on the bed and grabbed a bottle of lube off the bedside table. He rubbed some on John’s hole and I saw him flinch at the touch. Watching him quiver like that was amazing, especially since John prides himself on being such a “macho man”! Tim grabbed his hips and pulled him up then rubbed his dick over John’s ass crack.

Tim moaned and said “Do you like that? I think you’re dying for this to be inside you.”

Tim held John’s ass cheeks apart and began to push forward, inching his way inside of John. John jumped and tried to move away as Tim’s dick pushed past his hole and stretched him open. “Ahhhhhhh FUCK!”, Tim cried out! “Do you want him to stop?”, I asked him and he shook his head no. “Then stay still, shut the fuck up and take it like a man,” I told him as he whimpered and started to grimace in pain!. Tim gave one last shove and John yelped as he began to thrust back and forth. “Fuck, he’s tight!”, Tim moaned as he fucked John.

He groaned and began to move faster as John’s fingers gripped the sheets and the side of my mattress. Fuck this was hot and I felt my pussy get wet and my clit swells up. Tim was panting and grunting as he rammed into John, then he froze. John let out a small noise of disgust as his ass filled with cum.
Tim roughly pulled out of him and added insult to injury, by snuggling up to John, rubbing his ass and saying “Mmm, you’re a good little bottom bitch!” Oh, but that wasn’t all, no-no, Tim had just a few more plans for forced bi, if you know what I mean!

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