Anal Sex: Getting my tight hole stretched has become my obsession

When I think about anal sex I get so excited. Getting bent over and fucked hard keeps my pussy soaking wet. Let’s talk about it for a little, who doesn’t love anal sex?  Only weirdos don’t. Getting deep inside of my ass hole makes for a wonderful time. But first, he has to properly eat my cute little ass. Wanting his tongue going in and out. Making my asshole dripping wet.

I even want you to take her wet finger and circle it around my asshole just getting me ready to take all of your cocks deep inside of me. Wanting it so bad. It has basically become an obsession. All I think about now is a huge cock, just taking my ass hole for its pleasure. I love to be used especially if it involves you stretching my hole wide open. Use it as you please. Make me feel you every time I try to sit down. Ugh fuck I just love the feeling it gives me and loving the feeling of you in my tight hole. The pain and pleasure of it all drives me crazy. Makes me want to jump your bones.

And just whip out your cock without asking.

I know you like it. so why waste any time. I need it inside of me and you need me to taste you first. Swallowing your cock whole. Making it so hard so it can destroy my asshole. Oh, fuck! Just knowing what I am getting once you get fully erected makes me so happy. Once that cock is big and hard you tell me to bend over and you shove it right in. Holy shit! I am so glad I got my fix. I fucking love anal sex so much.

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