Adult Sex Stories: Horny slut loves to travel for foreign cock

Foreign sex is the hottest sex! I loved going to all different types of places. Which made for me having a lot of adult sex stories. My most memorable trip wasn’t just because of the site seeing. When I went to Ireland I had so much fun. The air was just right but the beer was even colder. We went to get some drinks one night with my best friend. You could just tell the guys knew we were from America. The way we dressed was different more slutty. So many eyes look at us all night. This one brown hair men caught my attention fast. He was very sexy and I knew I needed him. Walking over to him. We instantly started talking. I was loving his Irish accent.

Made me so wet just hearing him say my name. I could tell he was an undercover freak by the way he licked his lips. Wanting to know what his cock tasted like. So to speed things I leaned over and  just kissed him. So then we started passionately making out like we were in love. He invited me back to his place. Making sure my bestie knew I wasn’t coming back to the hotel tonight and left with him. Getting in the car the whole car ride home was so much fun.

When we walked into his house.

He told me to make myself comfortable and my house is your house. I took that as getting naked. Slipping off my dress an thong. Waiting for him to walk back into the room. I guess great minds think alike. He walked in with only his boxer shorts on. We laughed knowing we had the same idea. Then he pushed me onto his bed and pulled my legs apart. Pushing his tongue all the way into my little hole.

It felt amazing I was moaning so loud. Caressing my supple breasts as he sucked on my pussy. I was so ready to be fucked. He stood over me and plowed his big cock deep inside. Jumping from the sensation. I started moving my hips into him. He loved that, both of us moaning very loudly. We came almost at the same time. It was an awesome experience. It quickly became one of my favorite adult sex stories to tell.

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