A little kink for rough anal sex.

Rough anal is a new kink that took a little while to discover. It’s no surprise. I love rough sex and ALL of my boyfriends have been into it as well. Honestly, I don’t think there’s any hope for a relationship if the guy doesn’t like to fuck hard and fast after I’ve teased him for a while. Teasing is my favorite game to play, and sometimes it leads into the craziest stories, like a little endeavor with fitting room sex. However, I usually like a little bit of anal play too. I need to get a fix every now and then, it’s like an old, favorite drug.

I used to play with my toys before finally letting my boyfriend know I liked it. Now, I’ve purchased a pretty little metal buttplug and some dildos that I can use on myself as well, but I don’t use them often. Still, something about getting that tight little hole filled up & stuffed drives me crazy! I haven’t done it in a while because I’ve been a good girl, most of the time. 😉 Really, I’ve just been playing with myself or teasing the hell out of my boyfriend. The focus has been on teasing, blowjobs, and doggystyle. I just haven’t done anal in a while, and I’ve been craving the feeling.

So finally, I did something about it.

To start things off, I had my fuck buddy come over. After a little while of just watching a movie, I couldn’t take it anymore. I got up and dragged him over to the room, and pushed him back on the bed. He got excited the second that I started stripping down, leaning against him to help take off all his clothes as well. We hopped into bed as I started kissing on his neck, and our hands ran gently over each other’s bodies. The little sensual moments didn’t last. At first, he played with my pussy a little to feel me get wet against his fingers. Then, he bent me over, pushing a shiny little buttplug into my ass before he started fucking my pussy.

Every now and then, he’d start pumping the buttplug in & out of me, making my little hole stretch and tighten up around it. He had to get me ready for the rough anal that he was really craving. I always knew it was his favorite porn to watch. He littered his phone porn history with anal in just about every position possible and all kinds of other videos. After a while of him fucking me, I was starting to get sore. As wet as I was, I still hadn’t gotten what I’d invited him over for! I wanted him to fuck my ass and I wanted anal, NOW.

I yelled at him, begging, pleading that he’d fuck me.

He cracked a huge smile when I caved to the point of begging him. Ina n instant, he slid his cock out of my pussy. It was dripping wet with my juices and I knew he was contemplating using that as lube instead. Even though I wanted it rough, he knew he should add a little more if he wanted it to feel good for himself as well. So, he slowly pulled the buttplug out of me, letting it plop down on the bed beside us. He was so excited that he lubed up his cock in seconds. His hands grasped my ass cheeks and spread them wide open..

And then he did what I had been dreaming and fantasizing about for the past few days. He pushed his hard cock into my tight little ass and we both moaned together. At first, he was pumping it in and out a bit slow to tease me, making me feel every inch working in. Then he began to thrust in deeper and harder. Every now and then he’d tease me and pull out, rubbing the head against my tight little hole again, against my clit. He was making me beg him to fuck me again before he went for it again. His cock filled me up for hours. He continued to fuck my ass harder and deeper until I begged him to shoot his huge load.

He made sure to make it last.

And I made sure to grind against him a little harder, making sure his balls were fully empty. All that rough anal, all that rough sex, it drove me fucking crazy. We even started playing around with different roleplays in between, having me call him daddy, and so much more. He’s always been into fetish phone sex, so he finds a way to incorporate all our roleplays into our hookups as well. He turned me on so much that night that when I pulled away, laying down next to him, I couldn’t help but play with my clit a little more. It was just out of habit, wanting to play with myself so he could watch, but he took it as an invitation and went for it all over again.

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