Romantic GFE Sex on the Beach

Romantic GFE sex occurred during one of the most romantic dates of my life. It’s definitely a moment that stays with you forever. Those of you who enjoy erotic literature know exactly what I’m talking about. You have drinks and dinner on the beach with a beautiful girl – she could be your wife, GF or maybe it’s your first date. Doesn’t matter.

You flirt over dinner, and maybe become the annoying couple that doesn’t hesitate to engage in swirls of public displays of affection. The whole restaurant hates you, but you two don’t give a flying fuck.

And then you decide to wander in the sand together, tipsy from the bottle of wine you savored together.

I agree that the above scenario might sound cheesy at first.

But if you have a sensual or erotic side, planning a romantic GFE sex date on the beach may just be what you need or want to experience.

You’ll score major points with the object of your love or infatuation. Get her tipsy enough and she’ll maybe even rip her clothes off and run into the ocean laughing. All you have to do now is follow her in.

Either way, romantic GFE sex a win-win situation.

You woo and seduce her like a charismatic Don Juan as she lets her guard down and falls in the sand. She may not even be wearing panties. And let’s not forget her perfect tits that bounce away as she looks up at you with an inviting glance.

Does this still sound cheesy or icky? Well, let me remind you of my very naughty and kinky side. I’ve participated in numerous threesomes and recently even in a latino lesbian squirting orgy, for fuck’s sake! My point is that one side does not exclude the other.

I absolutely love cum shots flying around, gangbangs, fake tits and lipstick lesbian parties, don’t get me wrong!

However, connecting with someone while fucking can give you the best type of orgasm there is: a combination of intellectual, emotional and physical sensations. Add a blanket and a bottle of champagne to the waves crashing on the sand, and I guarantee you’ll have the sexiest time of your life.

I’ve experienced romantic GFE sex on the beach numerous times – sometimes when it was raining and sometimes when you could see Orion in the clear sky. It doesn’t matter if the weather is good or bad. Make it what it is.

To this day, I still recall running around with a guy on the beach in the rain late at night. We could barely see the ocean in the darkness; just enormous waves crashing with momentum on the sand. It was a force of nature that left us with no other choice but to tare each others’ clothes off and fuck right there on a rock.

The guy and I didn’t make it, so to speak, but that part is irrelevant. Many others followed after him. And since then, I’ve had a tendency to bring a lot of my dates to the ocean at night time.

Perhaps you’ll let me bring out the romantic part hidden inside you? Or maybe you have a sensual side somewhere that needs to see the light of day (or night in this context)? Day or night, call me at 1-888-413-5974 for the best phone sex there is!

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