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Working on my Romantic Erotica GFE writing upstairs and beginning to wonder where my wonderful man is. Slipping into my black kimono I walk downstairs as I fasten the sash. Peeking into your study and see you are there, alone with your thoughts. I think to myself about all the brilliant concerns a man like you has flooding his mind at this late hour. How can I soothe him I question my heart.

I walk slowly toward you with just a hint of smile hiding in the corner of my mouth. Taking the scotch from your hand I have a sip. Leaning over you as I place the glass on the table nearest your left. Holding eye contact I lower myself to the floor at your feet. Looking up at you with all the adoration you deserve, all the while creating the Sex Stories that will comfort you long from now.

My hands glide up your legs, traveling with purpose to your thighs.

My Romantic Erotica GFE kimono loosens and parts way as I lean into your shins, pressing my breasts to your knees. Your eyes never leave mine while picking the glass of scotch back up and having a drink. My lips moist from my tongue gliding across both top and bottom. Pressing them together before parting them again. I lean over your lap and come down over your cock.

My face rubbing and purring against you, my nose creating the pressure your dick needs to forget how late it is. Your mind free from clutter leaving one organized thought, Romantic Erotica GFE sex. Moving my hand slowly over to your thigh I continue to read while caressing your warm skin. Taking my desire to another level my breath deepens.

Grinding against your leg while describing the sexual acts of another couple inspires us both, only we’ll go further.

Taking the book from my hand and bringing my arm up above my head I lay ready. Kissing my neck brings a lustful moan to the surface. Staring into my eyes with penetrating your woman as your intention. Willing to take you in I beg for your cock. Growing my need for you to thrust deep within my hot wet pink pussy you begin to tease me. Licking down the center of my stomach you ease your wicked tongue inside of my clinching Romantic Erotica GFE pussy.

Pussy Eating is a talent of yours that no other can compare. Beginning with a book filled with Erotic Sex Stories brings us right to the devouring of my little pussy. Eating your meal and licking your chops at me only makes me beg for your throbbing dick more. Needing you without further delay I command you to fuck me. Denying me any further than this would be cruel for this Romantic Erotica GFE.

Lifting my long legs up and over your shoulders you grip that fat cock and shove it inside of me.

Running your hands all over my body makes me weak. Gripping my ass and making me moan I reach down to feel you. Stroking this hardening dick from the inside gives me ideas for Romantic Erotica GFE. Sitting in-front of one another stripped from clothes or reservations we watch and instruct. Moving our hands by the direction of the other drives us both wild. Sliding your hand up and down, my fingers rubbing in a tight little circle makes me beyond wet.

Hot Phone Sex like this spares no detail untold. Licking my lips and begging for your cock to make me cum. Needing you inside of me, making me yours. I must have you deep into me because clinching around your perfect cock is what calls to me. Picking me up by my arms you give me the deepest kiss while holding me tight. Bending me over your hard leather chair I drip with excitement.

Sliding inside of this juicy little tight pussy I feel the lust you have for me.

Wrapping your arms around me, pressing me to you shows me how you love every thrust. Detailed Sex Stories run though my mind. Moaning your name because you give me what I need. Satisfying my every want you thrust harder and deeper now. Getting close to that gush and explosion that only you bring me to. Spreading my fingers apart, reaching back to grip your ass.

Pulling you into me so hard I can hear the slapping sound of our bodies colliding. Pulling my hair just enough to make me growl that carnal moan right before the flood rushes around your dick. I’m on the edge and only need the slightest touch from your hand.