Fantasy Erotica Fills Dreams with my soaking wet panties.

I love to sneak in your head, filling it full of loving desires that would satisfy any man. This Fantasy Erotica Fetish Phone Sex has grown into a lustful obsession. I think about the way I will pleasure you all the time. Baby, thoughts of you take me hostage for a time that does not exist any longer. Let’s get away for a while, just you and I to a mystery destination where neither of us has ever been. Let’s set out on an adventure of a lifetime. I want to explore every inch of you all over this world forever.

Every time I hear your voice I float to another land where nothing and no one else exists. I promise to make your sexual desires feel like dreams. The things you always wanted are coming true in the space of your Fantasy visions. I want to be your girl always, the mirage that becomes reality. You can be the master of my magic bottle and every wish of yours is my command. Let me love you completely. Every detail of your body will become my life’s mission to adore and worship.

Following you into our nest of ecstasy were I can again blow your mind by my ability to quench your thirst for my succulent flesh that melts to your very touch. My darling, I need to feel my dream man deep inside of me where I can moan and cry out in lustful bliss. Fantasy Erotica only gets better because we learn the light and the shadows of our hearts. We can bring down any barriers that might divide our passion.

I want to be your ultimate Fantasy Erotica panty fetish fun girlfriend.

 Providing you with the mutual orgasm of our lives. Kissing and exploring every inch of each other’s body is a tasty pleasure because we love it. It is as if each sensitive place that makes either one of us react brings lustful joy. The sliding wet tongue dragging against supple flesh drives me wild. I need you to grip my body tight because I belong to you. You make me feel like the only sex kitten in the world. That is a talent you possess every time we’re together. The look in your eyes sends chills throughout my body because of your intensity. In love with your touch and gaze, I melt in your arms.

Sliding down your body so I can take you in my mouth. Looking up at my perfect sexual match because you watch and admire me every move. The two of us move together in grinding sway. Having your thick throbbing cock in my mouth I know just what you need.  My tongue circles you with sexy teasing licks of enticing tickles. The wet warmth relaxes while making you tense up at the same time. Trying to let it last while feeling the pull towards a pleasure you can hardly control. A challenge any man would be lucky to have for sure.

Gripping you with my lip-covered teeth I press tightly and glide my mouth up and down your shaft. I can feel that pulsing vein that runs along the top of your dick so well. Feeling that vein gets me ready to pounce like a lioness hungry for the feed. My inner animal surfaces and there is no turning back. With the strokes my face provides your cock become faster and more fluid.

It is as if this cock is an extension of my own sexual desires because I receive immense pleasure from cock sucking.

I am your wild little dirty girl because I can’t get enough dick from Daddy. Feed your filthy cock sucking slut pushing deeper and harder. The gag and choking sounds penetrate the room with volume and waves of lust. My hunger grows because I need to sink my claws into you. The animal inside has taken over as I pull my soft plump lips off your huge dick. It is time to climb like an animal and growl loud enough for everyone to hear. Claiming my meat that will feed this juicy little tight pussy tonight.

Clawing my way up to gobble every inch of you.

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