Valentine’s Day

What better way to spend a romantic date night than drowning in champagne, sharing chocolate strawberries, and having hot sex on rose petals? Valentine’s day is the most romantic day of the year! Everything is soft and sweet smelling. Everyone is dressed up and going out with their significant other. I love ending the romantic date night with some exciting and sensual love-making!

Preparation for Romantic Date Night

I think the preparation for a romantic date night is fifty-percent of the fun! From the moment I wake up in the morning, my pussy is already dripping with anticipation. To begin with, rolling out of bed, and a growing impatience lingers in my mind to get back in those satin sheets with my lover in just a few short hours, I know I need to prepare. I make my way to the shower to prepare my exceptionally smooth skin for my lover. I turn on the hot water and let the steam fill the bathroom.

While pushing the straps of my silky nightgown off of my shoulders, I stand there, admiring my young, toned body in the mirror. Sliding my hands slowly down my chest, feeling my perky tits and hard nipples beneath my fingers sends shivers down my spine. If only my hands were your own. I like the slight roughness of your manly hands all over my naked and ready body. I am so soft and delicate, when you touch me I just melt into you.

Buying New Lingerie

After my shower, I moisturize my body for you. I am smoother than my silk nightgown. Step one for romantic date night preparation is complete. The next step is to find the perfect lingerie to fill your deepest sexual desires. I know you like the most extravagant lingerie set, and with this in mind, I know just the place to shop. The sexy sales associate helped me pick the most ravishing black and red lingerie for you. You’ll love the way it grips every curve of my body. The lace lays around the edges and across my stomach. The panties are crotch-less and connected by straps to my stockings. As a result, I want you to be completely intoxicated by me before we even pop open the bottle of champagne.

Dressed to Impress

It’s finally time to throw everything together. I can’t wait for you to rip off my long, elegant, strapless black dress and reveal the even more ravishing outfit underneath. You already know that the expensive high heels you gifted me for this night will be hugging my beautiful feet, teasing your legs under the table. When the town car you sent arrived at my house, I knew you must be as excited, if not more excited than I am for our romantic date night.

You’re as excited as I am

I love to watch your eyes fall out of your head when you see me for the first time all day.  Neither of us can resist each other. Our hands are slowly gliding against the other’s legs under the table. The waitress can see the lust in our eyes. She knows our dinner will be quick and that the majority of our romance will be shared in the bedroom.

 Then the town car came to pick us up, but we pass the turns to your house and mine. When we arrived at the newest and most expensive hotel in the whole city, the anticipation was overwhelming. You bridal carry me to our room and kick in the door to the grand suite. Rose petals are thrown across the bed and the champagne is waiting on ice for us. There are strawberries and chocolates on a gold tray on the bed.

I only want YOU

Finally, we are completely alone. Even with all the preparation in the world for our perfect, romantic date night, I was not ready for the emotions I felt in that room with you. Lust, desire, and love were radiating off of our bodies. Then, we fell into the bed and passionately kissed one another. A session of endless lovemaking is long overdue. I wouldn’t want this romantic date night to be with anyone other than you, lover.

No date for Valentine’s Day? Call me. I’ll be your lover.

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