He Was Submissive And Loved To act out Role Reversal

Most of my boyfriends have been on the more dominant side, and I always liked it that way. But that also means they can be a bit selfish. This guy at work was always friendly and sweet. But he was a shy, timid type, not my usual type at all, so I didn’t pay him much mind. He asked me out though and as I didn’t have a current boyfriend, I thought why not. I’ve got nothing to lose, give the guy a chance. He was clearly submissive and yet I liked him. He showed up with flowers and candy and took me to a nice restaurant.

I Wasn’t Used To A Submissive Guy

Over dinner, he told me he was into role reversal types of relationships. I asked him to explain further, and he said he always wanted the woman to be in charge and make all the decisions in the relationship. And the women were always very happy with this type of arrangement. I thought it over and decided maybe I should give this role reversal a shot. The ones I’d been dating that were dominant hadn’t worked out that great. Maybe a change was in order, so I agreed to go out with him again.

For our second date, he said he thought I’d enjoy if he cooked dinner for me at my place. I loved the idea. So he came over with the supplies and brought me a glass of wine to enjoy as he cooked away. And once everything was simmering away, he asked if I’d like him to clean my condo up a bit. I laughed at the idea but was fine with it. He told me I was free to give him orders. He liked it in fact. I felt crazy telling this guy to clean the bathroom well, but I did and he loved the orders.role reversal

He Really Gave A Great Foot Massage

I wondered how far I could go. So after the wonderful dinner, I said I hadn’t been given a foot massage in ages. And I’d like one, and he removed my shoes and immediately went to work.He was giving me the most fantastic foot massage I’d ever gotten. I was just melting at his expert touch. So of course I had to then say, well. Something else I’ve been craving is a good pussy licking, would you mind? He got such a smile on his face, as he eased me back on the sofa. And pushed up my skirt and pulled down my panties, and did he ever know his way around down there!

His tongue was magic, I loved the way he licked up and down my juicy slit. It was fantastic. I was literally writhing with pleasure under his handling. He grabbed at my ass cheeks and just buried his face between my thighs. Giving me oh so much pleasure. He sucked on my clit and slid his fingers in and out of my wet pussy until I came and came and came. I’d never thought about a guy being so into this role reversal stuff where I called all the shots, but I was beginning to think I could quickly get used to this. We will see.Give me  a call for the kinkiest adult chat

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