Role Play Fantasy: Have you ever been so bored in a relationship that you need something to spice it up? Roleplay phone sex does it for me. I know that when I am on the phone, I can be anyone my little heart desires. After watching XXX-rated porn about a delivery man, I got this wonderful sexual idea. What about the hot plumber who cleans the pipes? I made sure this would be more than some role play fantasy. This was really to happen to me, and tonight.
After the kitchen sink got clogged, I called the plumber to come and fix it for me. I even said I would pay extra for a night call. Yes, I needed and wanted it that bad.  Is this why some men become plumbers? It can’t be for the ass crack. I was hoping the one I got wasn’t some old fat man who smelled like moldy cheese. After researching the company online, and you can request certain men. Who knew?


This Role Play Fantasy was quickly becoming a reality for me.

After browsing the internet I found Jeff on a website and told the dispatcher I wanted him because he was recommended by a friend.  Little did I know it was her husband.  When the ass crack stud showed up at my house, I made sure to barely have anything on. My robe was sheer, and so short my ass hung out. I had his attention the moment I opened the door and invited him inside. The moment I saw the outline of his cock I knew I would be fucking him before he left.
Seduction isn’t that hard when a man is horny. He gladly took the beer I offered him. I sat on the counter bouncing my high heel from my foot, and his eyes watched with delight. I knew I had lured him in when he took off his shirt because it was too hot. My house was cool at 60 degrees but I wasn’t going to argue. Each time he looked up, his eyes were on the slit of my robe. What he didn’t know was that I kept loosening the belt.


Role Play Fantasy: A full-blown fantasy comes true.

It started as roleplay, but now it’s a full-blown fantasy come true. I was soaking wet and no panties to collect my dew. The silly man knew how bad I wanted him by my sweet musky scent of arousal. When he could no longer take it, his face buried in my pussy and his tongue lapped all around that wet clit. I held tight to the counter almost screaming with each lick. The man was an oral sex god. I knew this wasn’t his first time pleasing a horny housewife.
He grabbed my hips, forcing me to fuck my horny gash against his face, I came so quick. Disappointed after coming so quick, I hate it when that happens, but this was just too hot to handle. I told him to drop those fucking pants and I dropped to my knees. Sucking his cock with my usual expertise, I needed my wet honey hole snaked out and filled with lubrication. My pipes needed a good cleaning.


This role play fantasy was getting so hot.

I wrapped my mouth around that shaft, swallowing him down to his balls. Wanting more of this big beautiful cock, he used my mouth hard. His wife doesn’t like to swallow his bone, but I do. Choking, gagging, and begging for more, he blew that dick right down my throat. My Cum Eating Addiction was once again satisfied. I’ve always been the best cock sucker on the block.
What was good about this roleplay stud was that he didn’t go soft. His big plumber dick bent me over and slammed into my cunt with force. He told me next time don’t clog the drain on purpose and we can fuck longer. I knew he was cumming back for more when I let him fuck me in the ass without even asking. A big dick in the back door opened me up for a hell of a ride. Three hours later his wife calls mad, but why the fuck would I care? I paid for a job well done.


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