Cum Eating Addiction: Many men love to taste their cum and precum too.

Cum Eating Addiction: Cum eating seems to be becoming more and more popular. Or at least people are admitting to it and open to talking about it. I believe the truth is that guys are finally getting over the stigma associated with it. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not something they’re going to bring up after church over brunch next weekend. But my callers tell me all about it. Then again, they tell me everything.

Men calling me and confessing all their naughty secrets brings me hours of pleasure. I love delving into the psyche of all you naughty pervs. Don’t feel weird about it. My theory is that everyone has tasted themselves at one time or another. I know I have tasted myself when I started to experiment with my wet pussy at a tender young age. I have to admit, I love the taste of my pussy, especially on a man’s lips after he has brought me to orgasm.

Many men love to taste their cum and precum. Sissies and faggots aren’t alone in the circle of cum eating enthusiasts. It’s another fetish that is practiced far and wide. What we do is between us! When you jack off in a personal and intimate Guided Masturbation session with me odds are you’ll taste your pre-cum. Who knows, it might even be your idea. Don’t be one of those wimps who says he wants to do it then chickens out when he has his hand full of a nice big creamy load of warm cum. Do not waste that delicious load!

Cum Eating Addiction: Sometimes men eating cum can become an addiction.

Tony lives in a cuckolded marriage. His wife won’t fuck him. He is a little dicked loser. He jerks off while he watches her having sex with her lovers. She is attracted to beautiful Big Black Mandingo men. She loves fucking a BBC and her husband is allowed to watch. If she is feeling extra generous she’ll serve him up a nice hot cream pie. And Tony just loves slurping up that yummy giant load that Black Anaconda cock just dumped into her steamy cunt. That was George’s first experience with cum eating and since then he can’t gobble enough into his eager mouth. Now he cruises adult book stores with glory holes in the back. He needs his fix of fresh steamy spunk. Sometimes cum eating can become an addiction for cum eating man whores.
So whatever your kink might be there is always a nice big creamy load of cum near the end of our Sexy call. It might be in your hand or on your abdomen, or maybe it shot all the way up your chest or hit you in the eye. I want you to lick, taste that load for me. I want you to experience the taste. Let’s do it. You might become addicted.
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