I thrive off of being your hot love making robot.

I thrive off of you role play dress up ideas babe. Giana here, doing anything to please you with fantasy phone sex. But first, I want to say that I hope you’re is staying safe with all this crazy stuff going on. Being at home so much can certainly give us a case of cabin fever, that’s for sure.  I’ll be the perfect distraction for you.  Having a fantasy phone sex experience with me will certainly bring the much-needed excitement for you and get your blood pumping in all the right spots! 

I have a HUGE love for fantasy phone sex caller who likes it when I role play dress up ideas like in my sexy little schoolgirl uniform. Knowing I’m all in for satisfying his schoolgirl fetish always makes him happy too.  It also makes me feel hot, sexy, and ready to play in a steamy dress-up role-play. I put on a plaid skirt for our call; this one was red, but I have a blue one too. A white button-down shirt, black string tie, and white cotton panties completed my schoolgirl uniform for our fantasy role play. 

Stuff my pink holes stuffed with sex toys for your fantasy phone sex. 

I have a special box that’s full of naughty sex toys for my calls. Some of these pleasurable sex toys include multiple dildos of all shapes and sizes, butt plugs, nipple clamps, and even a few paddles too.  I must say that having these items always make my calls feel like reality because I use them to make me cum. Whether it be in my mouth like I’m sucking on your dick, or in my other pink holes; depending on the fantasy scenario we’re doing. 

Sometimes babe gives me a spanking with my paddle when you call to start things off. You like to see my ass red and ready. Also, loves that I’m his anal sex slut so your first instructions are to lift my plaid schoolgirl skirt and insert my butt plug.  Next, you tell me to unbutton my shirt and slip on my nipple clamps. All the while Daddy’s stroking himself… 

On some of our role play dress up ideas calls, we watch porn together and I really like it because I’m whoever he wants me to be, I also can tell him that I can suck his dick much better and deeper than the girls in the video do.  This is when I bring out one of my big dildos to suck on and pretend it’s his dick. I take direction really well; I’ll even stuff my bottom which makes me want to suck on your BIG COCK until I choke on it.  This always makes his dick ooze with pre-cum. 

Bad girl vibes only for you babe with your role play dress up ideas.

What makes you happy babe? GG is always up to make you happy and cum intensely with my young voice. There’s something about the pleasure I can give you that makes me so happy. Oh, daddy, it makes my sweet pleasure hole super wet too.

So the next time you’re in the mood for naughty little cock sucking, you pick role play dress up ideas, pick up the phone and call me!

role play dress up ideas