Rogue Behavior Lesbian Sex Play Situation at the Reunion!

This is NOT what I eXXXpected from a visit to my hometown! I don’t get back there often, so I really look forward to seeing everyone when I get there. You know how there are always relatives who you haven’t seen since childhood? Yeah, well that’s my cousin, Esmée. I remembered her as a darling little girl of similar age to mine. A real girlie girl, like me! So, Rogue Behavior Lesbian Sex wasn’t even in my head as a kid.

Oh, how things can change! I gazed across the room at all the fam and friends who had shown up to greet me. It wasn’t long before I was looking at the back-side of a guy I didn’t recognize at all. “Who is that Uncle, Philippe?

WelCUM Home, Baby-Girl!

So… Rogue behavior, lesbian sex was right there in my family. “Oh, That’s Esmmée. You remember her as a little girl. You were really close!” I squinted my eyes and said, “Really?!? I wouldn’t have recognized her if I crashed into her!” We both chuckled. She was a real Butch, with suspenders, Harley Davidson boots, and a pocket watch! And she was leering at me! I felt a little uncomfortable, but I looked the other way, ignoring what might be rogue lesbian sex.

Later, when everyone was drifting out of the house, and I was about to lock up and get some sleep, I saw cousin, Esmmée in the kitchen washing dishes. “Hey, Esmmée, you don’t need to do that. I’ll take care of it after a nap. I wasn’t thinking about her craving rogue behavior lesbian sex. I was just flat-out tired!

Nap Time Getting Reacquainted Before a Long Ride Home!

So, I wondered when she gave me a look that hinted at something more. It was more like a sex slave game. But, at that time, I didn’t really care and hadn’t given any thought to rogue behavior lesbian sex as I crashed down onto the bed and onto my belly. The next thing I felt was her hands caressing and rubbing my shoulders. I can’t lie, it felt so good, and much needed after a long intercontinental flight.

I needed a break from my life, but right now, my thoughts turned to hot phone sex! I’m not even that into chicks, so I wanted nothing more than to be back in Philly and on my phone! But, then, I felt it. Her tongue riding over the back of my neck as I rolled to my side. It felt like warm whipped cream and I melted. Her tongue found my asshole as she slid down my back.

Shock and Awe time with Rogue Behavior Lesbian Sex!

Her butchy fingers slipped into my pussy and I gasped for air that was not forthcoming. I felt a flush of embarrassment when she began to eat me. That creampie from a pilot on the first leg of my trip here flooded her mouth and rushed down her throat. I could tell she knew it was male. But, she swallowed anyway and I heard a distinctive, “Mmmmm.” as she slurped.

So, maybe she had loved men, as I do, at one time. Oh, well. No sense thinking about that! I was getting the eating of a LIFETIME! Need more on this? Check out my other blogs, or you can just CALL me. I’m on right now!

Kiss kiss.

Just Joey

Rogue Behavior Lesbian Sex