Sex Slave Game of Boners!

You know, it’s pretty nice being part of a sex slave game owned by a Dot. Com millionaire. Especially, since he’s a workaholic. Jared comes by every week or two, fucks my brains out, then goes back to his frumpy little wife. For that, I get an oceanfront apartment in Malibu, a black American Express card, and a very cute Porsche Boxster. Of course, every once in a while, Jared throws me a curve. Like, last week when he called me up to say we were going to play “Sex Slave Game of Boners”. He told me to stock the fridge with Red Bull, clear off the kitchen table, and get into the Daenerys Targaryen costume I’d worn when he took me to ComicCon last year. That turned out to be a great fantasy family fun time! I digress. Back to how it all went down!

He arrived about 6:30 on a Friday night and told me he had some friends coming over for a marathon D&D session. His friends, successful nerds all, can only get together once or twice a year since they’re all pretty busy running their mini empires and I knew he really looked forward to these bashes. I put the finishing touches on my Daenerys do, made sure my gold dragon broach he gave me was secure, and got ready to greet his guests.

A game of boners is nothing to play around with.

Four of them arrived between 6 & 7 pm. The great thing about nerds is they are always on time. Tim and Josh got there first, then Benny, and finally Chad. Greetings were exchanged as 10 eyes raped me with their looks. Finally, Jared established some semblance of order and they gathered ’round the kitchen table to start their game. “As you guys know”, Jared said, “Joey is the best fuck on the West Coast, if not the country, and she has graciously agreed to be our Queen for the evening”. With that, they started to play our sex slave game!

When Jared gave me the nod, I crawled under the table, unzipped his pants, and started licking and sucking his cock. Clockwise under the table, I proceeded to give Josh, Chad, Benny, and Tim the same treatment. They were all respectable cocks. Maybe, a little on the thin side, except of course for Jared, who was the perfect size for me, and Tim, who had a fucking horse cock. He was at least 12 inches long and 3 inches thick. He was the only one I couldn’t deep throat. Anyway, Jared stood up and said, “Men we must impregnate our Queen!”

Show them what a sex slave game is all about.

Shoving everything off the table he lifted me on to it and ripped off my costume revealing my taut, nubile body, erect nipples, and wet pussy. Jared started off, sliding his cock into my tight little pussy and warming me up perfectly. Once I gave him the look, he slid out and Benny slipped in. I always had trouble not laughing when Benny was fucking me. The expression on his face as he closed his eyes and pounded my pussy always reminds me of a young boy getting his first piece. So earnest and thoughtful, he never said a word, just slammed in and out; his tongue protruding slightly from his mouth. The poor guy could barely last 5 minutes before shooting his wad deep in my pussy.

Chad was next, and he always talks like he’s in a fucking porno movie. “Oh yeah baby, I’m gonna fuck you hard and deep.” He’s not bad, but he’s no Jared. When he finished, Josh plowed in. I’ve learned to not squeeze his cock because the poor boy can’t take the pressure. As soon as I clamp my pussy on his cock, he cums. I let him go for about 5 minutes, then I clamp down and squeeze the cum from his cock. Then, it was Tim’s turn. Ooohh, boy!

So, you think you can handle a sex slave game of boners with me? Call me! We’ll see. Get cheap phone sex that’s so much MORE than you’ll pay for!



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