Road Trips, Boyfriends, Strap-Ons And Anal Sex – Part II

Road trips, boyfriends, strap-ons and anal sex, continued. His ass was so tight and so fucking perfect. I grabbed his hair and fucked him nice and deep. Finally, he said, “Pound me, Veronica! Pound me!” I fucked his tight, wet, asshole nice and hard. I reached around the front of him, to jack him as I pumped. He almost shot through the roof. I could feel his balls fill up. I couldn’t wait to feel them drain, as I milked his prostate.

Do You Want Some Anal Sex?

I stroked his cock harder and faster, with each thrust. Each pump coaxed me to thrust harder and faster too. I held him close to me, as we shivered in ecstasy. Finally, without any warning whatsoever he practically screamed, as WADS of cum shot out of his cock like a rocket. Holy shit, he had never cum so much or so hard, ever. We laid in the truck stop for a few minutes until he finally gained control of his legs. He then kissed me hard and passionately. I KNEW he would never in his life forget this moment.

At that moment I had a clear view of my work and instantly got even wetter. I needed for him to eat me and fuck me. I needed for him to make me cum just as hard as I just made him cum. Then, I couldn’t help but think of pulling his hair right into my now sopping wet pussy. The thought of us going at it again drove me insane. The look on my face must have said it all because he knew exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it. Naturally, he didn’t hesitate! Finally, he dove in like a champ!

Anal Sex All Around!

“Oh Veronica, you’ve never tasted so fucking good,” he said to me, as he licked my tight little hole. After every few licks, I couldn’t help but cum all over his devilishly handsome face. I wanted to touch myself too, but I was so sensitive. My naughty boy could since I wanted more and stuck his hard rod deep inside of me. I could feel every single inch of his hard cock, as he slid deep inside of every inch of my beautiful pussy.

Deeper and deeper he went. Up until this moment, Stanley and I had average sex, but not this time. My fucking God it was amazing. No one until that moment had ever been so deep or fucked me so hard. It was then that I knew the secret to a happy sex life. Fuck your man in his ass, unleash what’s inside and you will be rewarded handsomely. I loved it! He knew I couldn’t get enough.

I Love Anal Sex, Do You?

It was such a turn-on to fuck him that we made it a regular part of our sexual adventures. To this day, I will always be eager to fuck a man! Why not? I love to milk that prostate and give a man the pleasure he REALLY deserves. even if they’re shy about it at first, I will eventually get my way. I’ve had many fun road trips over the years, but that particular one was nothing short of epic. It certainly doesn’t hurt that in general I love asses and would most definitely consider myself an ass woman, without a doubt. The best sex stories are found here, with me. Better yet, let’s make them together.

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